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    • Jenny32
    • August 8th, 2009

    it seems, i’m the first person to fill this Guestbook .. 🙂
    yeiyy !
    come on ELFs, let’s sign this guestbook ~
    we wanna see who you are XD

    • sshee
    • August 12th, 2009

    hey, could you edit our info?
    Blog Name: Mongolian E.L.F
    Artist the site supports: Super Junior
    Blog URL:
    Banner link:

      • Jenny32
      • August 12th, 2009

      what do you mean to edit your info ?
      i don’t understand .. *sorry*
      do you want affiliate with us ? if it yes, i’ll put it you in my affiliate ^^ 🙂

        • sshee
        • August 13th, 2009

        yes thank u 🙂

  1. you’re welcome ^^
    thanks to be affiliate with us 🙂

  2. Nice site!
    Good Luck!

    • trentlaceysunxxp
    • August 21st, 2009

    I really liked it. But not bad, it would be to add a few important sections.

  3. Here you have a very merry

    • Jenny32
    • September 2nd, 2009

    thanks for all the people who have join in our GuestBook! 🙂

    • RC
    • September 3rd, 2009

    I like that page for the guestbook, nice touch. Like I said I love your site and you are a fast updater! Thanks so much for that. Just something I’ve noticed that only happens when I check your site, my firefox closes. I don’t know why. I thought it might’ve been the ipod with the songs and videos of SJ on the side. Or maybe it’s a problem with firefox itself, I don’t know. Thanks still.

      • Jenny32
      • September 3rd, 2009

      aw ~
      thank you so mcuh ! we love you too ! lol 🙂
      mm, maybe the problem is from the firefox .. my firefox too ~
      close itself .. maybe you can try open this site with IE . if still like that, tell me ~ 😀
      i’ll delete the music widgets … ^ ^

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    • hanyippoh
    • September 15th, 2009

    yuhuuu i’m joining
    but….i’m really busy in my study so maybe i seldom to this blog sorry sorry ^^

      • Jenny32
      • September 15th, 2009

      it’s okay ~ ^^
      thanks for joining and visiting our blog 😀

      see you soon XD

    • bumbumie
    • September 23rd, 2009

    2. ..;; 하갑 자 기 카 ;; 녹 화 하 기 쫌 전 날 . .;;????
    2. ..;; if brother;;not that charmful;;still love him????

    3. 그래~ 멋있는 건 나중에 하면 되지~
    3. love~ how far your love can go~


    때 는 ‘뮤직뱅크’ 녹 화 하 기 쫌 전 날 . .
    response, brother is worried..

    cr; 우리 가발 한번 쓸까

    • bumbumie
    • September 23rd, 2009

    노 래 얘 긴 없 고 죄 다 머 리 얘 기 만 . . ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ
    hello everyone, this is bummie . . he he he he he he he he

    근 데 오 늘 이 쪽 저 쪽 싸 이 트 댓 글 들 을 보 니 까 . .
    due to my older brother’s cheol’s demand i visited your site

    결 국 썼 고 쓴 김 에 나 름 신 나 게 했 습 니 다
    using my little knowledge in english

    흠 . . 작 년 에 나 의 ‘마성(馬聲)창법’ 이 돋 보 였 던
    hmn.. brother (chulie) want to ask this question to his petal

    1. 하면서부턴 그런거 이미 버렸잖아..
    1. would butterfly sits on dead flower…

    • mihashiren
    • September 23rd, 2009

    for you, bumbumie..
    i just want to reply your question, but i just tell a little about it..
    yes i love him, even we’re so far, even i’m just here and he’s being a superstar who loved by many many girls..
    i can’t answer one by one your questions, sorry, actually it’s my private
    but clearly, yes i love him just the way he is.. i just loves him with my mind and my feel for him as kim heechul, as you known..

    sorry if my english was bad. but i hope you’ll understand what i mean..

    • lurveheechul
    • September 23rd, 2009

    may i ask,,
    where you make your blog’s icon??

      • Jenny32
      • September 23rd, 2009

      blog icon ?
      hmm maybe you mean it’s Gravatar ..

      firts, you go to My Account *at the top left* > click Edit Profile > in the right side, you’ll see MY GRAVATAR ..
      that’s it 😀
      i hope it’ll help you ~ ^^

        • lurveheechul
        • September 23rd, 2009

        i mean the one u used as an icon..
        the one that u used to change affiliate with other..
        the one that can move

    • bumbumie
    • September 23rd, 2009

    ne,,, komowoyo… mihashiren… sorry sorry..kekeke…

    dont worry,,,

    shinyngwordjaja.. gegege.. ^^ so hard with the characters…

    i will let hyung know so hyung wont nag me and be peaceful ^^

    na saranghe.. kibummie-imnnida!

    • Jenny32
    • September 24th, 2009

    for lurveheechul,
    you mean our affiliate icon ? if it yes, i make it in photoshop .. 🙂

    • lurveheechul
    • September 24th, 2009

    please promote this news..
    please,, i need ur help..
    link to here:

    • LuRVeHeeChul
    • September 27th, 2009

    thanks for your help before..
    i need another help..
    please promote this..
    this is about protecting super junior..

    really need ur help..
    in order to protect super junior

  8. I dont know If I said it already but …Excellent site, keep up the good work. I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks, 🙂

    …..Frank Scurley

    • cindy
    • October 19th, 2009

    This blog is really a helpful one to those who need more information about SJ! Thanks you for updating this blog once in a while.:)

      • Jenny32
      • October 20th, 2009

      thanks for your attention for this blog ~ ^^ 😀

    • UAE-E.L.F
    • October 22nd, 2009

    Good Luck ..
    from Arabian E.L.F ..

    • aeada
    • November 16th, 2009

    love your page! keep up the good work!
    ~love love love Super junior~

    • Jenny32
    • November 16th, 2009

    kyaaa ~ !
    thank you all ^^ really love you elfs… 😀

    • Xiong Qing
    • November 22nd, 2009

    thanks! love your blog! keep up the updates!

    • thank you ^^ 😀
      and of course, we’ll keep to up to date ~
      keep visiting and supporting us 🙂

    • LuRVeHeeChul
    • November 26th, 2009

    sorry,, but i have arequest.. can you please publish this..
    join if you want..

    • LuRVeHeeChul
    • November 26th, 2009
  9. superjunior~~ iloveyou allllllll!!!~~~

    • 13forever
    • December 3rd, 2009

    i really like this page…please update more! i love to know more about superjunior and hope they come singapore!

    • thank youu~ ^^
      thanks for liking us .. lol 😀
      we’ll more update ~ so, don’t go anywhere XD

    • anooy-yoon
    • December 15th, 2009


    • Xiong Qing
    • December 19th, 2009

    Hi it’s me again!
    Happy holidays! 😀

      • Jenny32
      • December 20th, 2009

      Hi Xiong !
      nice to meet you again 😀

      thank you, and happy holidays too !
      don’t forget to come here again ~ 😉

    • LuRVeHeeChul
    • December 29th, 2009

    just asking for help..
    please,please,please,please promote this..
    help me

    • nicole
    • January 2nd, 2010

    first i want to thank you of the following site about super junior..
    and i already visit their cyworld may i ask how to leave a comment to their cyworld or is it really possible to leave a comment…
    i will wait for an answer…
    thank you very much…

    • for ever ‘n ever
    • January 20th, 2010

    excuse me,
    Do you know what date will SS II in the Philippines be held on? and when the ticket will be sold?
    I really want to know. I wanna go cause I can’t go to SS II in Malaysia.
    It’s the day before my test.

    Thanks for helping.

  10. Hi!
    Im the admin from
    and I was wondering do u guys want to do a SJ collab project 2gether with us? ….
    if u yes, please contact me @

      • Jenny32
      • January 30th, 2010

      email was sent it to you ^^

    • sandy
    • February 1st, 2010


    I’m sandy from Indonesia…

    i really like this site..thanks for the up date about SUJU..
    i really love them..they have a lots of talent..
    anyway thanks for sharring 🙂

    God bless

      • Jenny32
      • February 1st, 2010

      hi Sandy.. it’s really nice to meet you ^^
      woaahh . Indonesian ELF ! lol

      btw, i’m Fanny . and I’m from Indonesia too ! 🙂
      go go, Indonesian ELFs ~
      and thanks for liking our blog ^^

    • merHoffFlelry
    • February 23rd, 2010

    Hey, just want to say hi. I’m new here.

    • MoOoM15
    • February 25th, 2010


  11. HiHikS Thank you for the material. Do you mind if I posted it in her blog, of course, with reference to your site?

  12. Thanks!!! 😀
    !!!! I also add them! ^^

    • ღLuRVeHeeChulღ
    • April 18th, 2010

    such a long time since i last contact you..
    just would like to ask for your help..
    can you please publish this in your site..
    it’s about us getting 1 year old..
    please,please 🙂

  13. Thanks for this great post! I’m new reader of your blog 😉

  14. Hello!

    I’ve been living in Korea for about three years and learned the language, and I recently started a blog in which I translate Korean songs into English and French ^^

    I’m just writing to say that if you would like a translation of any Korean songs, post a message on my blog (, and I’ll be happy to translate the lyrics for you!

    • superfanofKPOPsj
    • May 28th, 2010

    hey!!..i’m Devnnary,an ELF from Philippines..

    i really love your website!! much!!..thanks for keeping us [ELFs] updated bout our 15 boys..:).. HWAITING!!.

  15. I’ve been visiting your blog for a while now and I always find a gem in your new posts. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I find myself coming to your blog more and more often to the point where my visits are almost daily now!

  17. my first time visiting here…
    great blog..will visit here more often from now on..=)

    • sheena
    • June 29th, 2010

    super junior fighting!

    • ScorpioJuniper
    • July 18th, 2010

    I’m so stupid i can’t add my photo.

  18. I’ve been visiting your blog for a while now and I always find a gem in your new posts. Thanks for sharing.

    • sshee
    • August 3rd, 2010

    hi! how are you? 🙂
    please tell me what’s your blog’s theme’s name?

    • Karina
    • September 3rd, 2010

    hi. nice site you’ve got here. 🙂

  19. I love Super Junior!!!
    ya’ll r sooooooooooooooo SWEET
    lurve all of ya~~~`

    • nabila
    • February 8th, 2011

    Love this blog ^^D fighty!

  1. August 8th, 2009

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