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ミ Super Junior

  • Forever Super Junior 13 – Indonesia
    Forever Super Junior 13 Indonesia
  • SJ-World
    S J — W O R L D ♥ミ
  • Sapphirepearls
  • ELF-Indo
  • endlessxmoment
    EndlessXMoment Forums - One Forevermore
  • Siwon Lover
    Siwon Lover
  • Mongolian ELF
    Mongolian E.L.F
  • Filipino ELF
  • Heecat
    Heecat 希고양이
  • 13flowerboys’ Favourite
  • chidorihyunoppa
    ~Cho Kyu Hyun World~
  • SaphireBlueRaccoon
  • Everything Super Junior
    Everything Super Junior
  • Hiphopdoll18
    ~Shining Star~
  • babyzaja
    Babyzaja : Siwonthailand Fansite
  • elfsgphil
    Elf Sorority Group Philippines
  • alwayseunhyuk-indo
    29ut845.gif (93×33)
  • sujuimagenes
    banersujuiamgenes.gif (98×36)
  • pearlblue-sg
    new-2.gif (86×36)
  • 13plus2stars
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  • 13eyondeverything
    13eyondeverythingaffy.gif (90×33)
  • 13oys (WRSJ)
    13boys4.jpg (108×30)
  • sujustoday
    sjtoday2.gif (125×60)
  • Teuk Angels Philippines
    AF2-copy.gif (88×31)
  • sujuelfs4eva


ミ Other (K-Pop/Ost/Art/etc)

  • HANGUKNESIA = Hanguknesia
  • = kpopart
  • = SS501SJuniorSHINee
  • SM United International Forums = SM United Int. Forum
  • bof affliates = BOF Indonesia
  • affiliate = Haengbok
  • Lee Yong Dae Ina Fansite = Lee Young Dae Indonesia
  • Photobucket = KJPopBands
  • Yunho Sensation = Yunho
  • sharing is caring = ahboo
  • Banner-kecil-2.gif (150×51) = sonegeneration
  • ONEDAY LAST FOREVER = OneDay Last Forever
  • ALL about DoNg bAnG ShIn Ki [ DBSK / TVXQ / TOHOSHINKI / 동방신기 / 東方神起 ] = Leader-sshi
  • Asian OST Fanatics = Drama Ost
  • anim_85bf58f2-ef15-e244-e560-dd9120cd03bb.gif (90×32) = Yoosu Forever
  • 2d0kkns.png (200×55) = SHINee Day
  • 10mk3za.gif (175×109) = adi666
  • = asianpopdls

* SujuGlobal
* Pops In Korea
* Saranghae Heechullie
* Super Junior Stuff
* Maerong Radio

    • kiahae
    • July 12th, 2009

    [Name of Site] SujuGlobal

    [Site URL]

    [Description] Not only members but anyone is most welcome to sign SujuGlobal’s Guestbook
    It’s our pleasure to become one of the global community that gathers Superjunior’s fans from all over the world. Despite our differences, we are able to share thoughts and mutual interest on our Suju oppas ^_^
    Sujuglobal provides the access as well as one of the alternatives to discuss and share the current issues that revolve superjunior


  1. [Name of Site] Choi Si won Lover

    [Site URL]

    [Description] All about Choi Si Won


  2. [Name of Site] Minsshi

    [Site URL]

    [Description] all about super junior


  3. [Name of Site] kari25kari

    [Site URL]

    [Description] need know all about superjunior


    • YS
    • July 25th, 2009

    [Name of Site] Yunho Sensation

    [Site URL]

    [Description] DBSK Yunho’s fan blog


    thank u

  4. dear shiningbluey, thank you for put my link in this page ^^, anyway, could you pls add my link with my banner ? here is the URL

  5. “”
    pls delete my comment above,because it was because error in my computer

    • okayy .. thanks for that 🙂
      and your banner is already put in ..

      happy visiting ! Xp

  6. [Name of Site] T-riple S

    [Site URL]

    [Description] tell about tvxq , super junior , shinee , n snsd with Indonesian language …


    tell me if you already add my link in your site .. ^^
    thank you …

    • seetwopm
    • August 23rd, 2009


    [Site URL]

    [Description] This blog tells anything about oneday boys (2PM n 2AM) in Indonesian


    Please let me know if you already put my banner on your site… So that I can put yours on mine, thank you so much ^^

    • seetwopm
    • August 23rd, 2009

    thank you, I already put your banner on my site ^^

      • Jenny32
      • August 23rd, 2009

      thanks to you too ^^ 🙂

  7. [Site name] FILIPINO ELF

    [Site URL]

    [Description] True Home of Filipino ELF


  8. Can I affiliate with u ???

    [Name of Site] ALL about DoNg bAnG ShIn Ki [ DBSK / TVXQ / TOHOSHINKI / 동방신기 / 東方神起 ]

    [Site URL]

    [Description] Blog dedicated for TVXQ

    [Button] or

    If u want to affiliate with us to, u can email us at

    • chi
    • September 15th, 2009

    [Name of Site] ~Cho Kyu Hyun World~

    [Site URL]

    [Description] 모두에 대해 조규현 all about kyuhyun oppa~


    hi, nice to meet u

    • heecat
    • September 16th, 2009

    We’re a newbie blog but we really wanna exchange affiliation with yours ^_^

    [Name of Site] Heecat 希고양이
    [Site URL]
    [Description] International blog about Kim Heechul

    Have a nice day!

    • lurveheechul
    • September 18th, 2009

    we are newbies.. just want to be friends with you

    ♣Name of Site:’ Favourite
    ♣Site URL:
    ♣Description: We’ll Give What You Want about SJ
    [please resize it]

    thanks..and i would like to change affliation with you guys..
    exchange with us at

  9. thanks for all 😀
    all of banner is already put in ~

    keep in touch ! ^^

    • lurveheechul
    • September 23rd, 2009

    sorry but can u change our icon into this:

  10. okayy ^^ ..
    never mind ~

  11. [Name of Site] SapphireBlueraccoon

    [Site URL]

    [Description] An international forum for Kim Young Woon


      • Jenny32
      • October 23rd, 2009

      you’re welcome ^^
      mm, can i resize your banner ? if it yes, i’ll resize it .
      thank you ~ 🙂

  12. ♫ Name of Site
    ——- Everything Super Junior
    ♫ Site URL
    ♫ Description
    ——- It’s everything Super Junior!!!

    It’s new though… Still working on everything.. Will add the button later..



      • Jenny32
      • November 6th, 2009

      u’re welcome ~ 😀
      and thanks too that you want to be an affiliate with us ^^

  13. Hi again!! I now have an icon.. finally..

    Thanks for adding me!!

  14. I would like to be Affiliates with you.

    Name of Site: Pops In Korea

    Site URL:

    Description: Updates Of All Korean Pops .


    Thank You,

    • LuRVeHeeChul
    • December 3rd, 2009

    i would like to exchange affiliate again..
    this time for our fanclub and forum..

    forum URL:
    fan club URL:
    forum description: here where all ELF talk about super junior
    fanclub description: here where all ELF unite to know each other

    please use the icon for both link

    • LuRVeHeeChul
    • December 4th, 2009

    but please change the icon,,
    it seems so large

  15. ♫ Name of Site = ~Shining Star~
    ♫ Site URL =
    ♫ Description = Simple blog about the group i love
    ♫ Button(not required if you dont have one) =

    • thank you ^^
      i already put your affie here 🙂

      • yeah tnx also.

        btw can i know where country are u from????

      • i’m from Indonesia ^^
        and you ?

      • im from the philippines.
        SJ have already been to Indonesia right?
        hope they will come in here also.


      • it should be the beginning of last year they came here ..
        However, because there was a bomb incident, so they didn’t come here~

      • is that mean they never been through your country??
        i really want to see them…. i will find a way to go in Korea.

    • Jenny32
    • December 15th, 2009

    well, they almost came here ~
    but finally, NO . haha
    me too !i really want to see them.. i’m agree with you
    i’ll find a way to go to Korea too .. hhi

    well, let’s fight ! 😀

  16. [♫ Name of Site] Saranghae Heechullie
    [♫ Site URL]
    [♫ Description] A site to quench the Petals’ thirst and hunger for Heechul’s news

    • LuRVeHeeChul
    • December 27th, 2009

    sorry more new fansite

    name: Asian OST Fanatics
    description: Find OST Of Famous Asian Drama & Movie

    thanks 🙂

    • babyzaja
    • February 5th, 2010

    [Name of Site] Babyzaja

    [Site URL]

    [Description] Babyzaja : Siwonthailand Fansite


    • sukira
    • February 12th, 2010

    hi can i ask something? our group wants to get affiliated to you guys! hope you respond to me if ever you agree.. thank you!

    >Name of Site: Elf Sorority Group Philippines
    >Site URL:
    >Description:Super Junior’s GIRLFRIENDS in the Philippines

    super thanks! XD

    • sorry for late reply~
      your affiliate already put in ^^ thanks you …

    • hyuki4ever
    • February 18th, 2010

    [Name of Site] Always Eunhyuk Indonesia

    [Site URL]

    [Description] all about eunhyuk


    thanks youuuu,,, ^^

    • thanks for being our affiliate ^^ 😉
      you button is already we put it in…♥

  17. ♣Name of :Site Suju Imágenes
    ♣Site URL :
    *BLOG dedicated to the photo sessions of Super Junior.
    *BLOG dedicado a las sesiones fotográficas de Super Junior.

    • yoosu
    • April 3rd, 2010

    ♫ Name of Site: Yoosu Forever
    ♫ Site URL:
    ♫ Description : it’s a forum about Yoochun-Junsu (DBSK) couple
    ♫ Button:

    i’ve put ur banner at my forum…^^

  18. [Name of Site] Pearl Blue Singapore

    [Site URL]

    [Description] Singapore’s E.L.Fs


    • thanks for affiliate with us! ^^
      your banner already put it in my blog .. thank youu~ 😉

  19. ♫ Name of Site : ★ the 13+2 SHINING STARs ★
    ♫ Site URL:
    ♫ Description: we support all 15 members of Super Junior, base on Picture of the boys.
    ♫ Button:

  20. Name of Site: UKISSMEASIA
    ♫ Site URL:
    ♫ Description: ukiss fan based in asia 😀
    ♫ Button(not required if you dont have one):

  21. ♫ Name of Site: Super Junior Compilation
    ♫ Site URL:
    ♫ Description: It’s all about Super Junior
    ♫ Button(not required if you dont have one):

    Thanks ^^

    • thanks for being affiliate with us! 🙂
      and your banner already put it in our blog.. thank youu~ <333

    • Zuri
    • May 30th, 2010

    Hi girls…i live so far…
    but I love Suju…
    nice to meet u!

  22. ♣Name of Site: WE ARE SUPER JUNI-OR!
    ♣Site URL:
    ♣Description: Super Junior on WRSJ

    Thank You~! ♥

    • thanks for being affiliate with us! ^^
      your banner already put it in our blog 😉

  23. hi.. i’m from ELFes Favourite.
    i would like to invite you to do a discussion about how to improve our sites to be the best Super Junior’s fansite. All admins and moderators of your site are invited.

    The First Meeting:
    date~18 May 2010
    time~8 pm ( korean time )

    we will do our discussion at our FORUM site on the chatroll but you MUST register first.

    please do attend because we need to share all the info and tips to make our sites better and work hard together to support Super Junior.

    If you LOVE Super Junior, MAKE SURE you ATTEND..

    i’ll appreciate your attendance. and also all admins and moderators.

    p/s ~ please publish this news to all Super Junior fan sites that you know in order to gather world wide Super Junior’s Fansite Admins and Moderators.

    have a nice day..

    please send me mail if you can't attend

  24. ♫ Name of Site: Super Junior Stuff
    ♫ Site URL:
    ♫ Description: a complete guide to all outfits and merchandise worn by Super Junior

  25. ♫ Name of Site: Maerong Radio
    ♫ Site URL:
    ♫ Description: An online asian radio
    I am a staff from Maerong Radio and we are hosting a contest to give away Super Junior Vol. 4 – Bonamana (Repackage) album on July 31st. After visiting your blog and seeing how up to date it is with the Super Junior, I would like to ask if it is possible for to write a post about our contest.

    We would also be interested in helping you conduct any event/contest in the future that might require the use of an online radio. For example, we can host a show for during our live dj time and have your staff come on air to speak on the radio regarding any events. If this interests you or if you have other suggestions, please feel free to contact me via

    Thank you

    • Hi~ nice to meet you! ^^
      and yeah, i think we can promote your giveaway contest in our blog. please tell us all the terms and conditions for the participant.
      we’ll spread it right after.

      Thank you. 🙂

    • greeniebeaniebeanie
    • July 30th, 2010

    Name Of Site: The Super Junior Guide. /Handbook
    Site URL:
    Desc: Super Junior Guide Book.
    and. please click the picture. and get the gif. and not the still image. Please and tyy.
    Please and tyy. ^^~
    ( The site is almost complete. but please post anyway. ^^ tyyy.)

      • greeniebeaniebeanie
      • August 4th, 2010


  26. Hello ^^
    can you change button of T-riple S with this ??

    ♫ Name of Site :: Soshi World
    ♫ Site URL ::
    ♫ Description :: Site for Soshi’s Fansite with Indonesian language ^^
    ♫ Button ::

    Your banner has been placed on my site ^^
    thank you

  27. i added u 😉

    name: LETS DL KPOP!!!

    site’s URL:

    Description: download kpop bands music videos,performances,shows and related videos for free!^^

    Affiliate Button:

    thank u

  28. ♫ Name of Site : Suju’s Today
    ♫ Site URL :
    ♫ Description : from Suju to Indonesia
    ♫ Button :

    already linked you ^^ thanks before 🙂

    • thankss dear! ^^
      your button already put it in our blog 😉
      thank youu ❤

    • muzyc3737
    • August 22nd, 2010

    Name of site : sjelfsapphireblueternalove (SJ ELFsapphire Blue Eternal Love)
    site URL :
    description : M an ELF from Cambodia, everything in the blog is about our oppa Super Junior =]]
    sorry, i have no buttons….^^

    and thanks, i have already subscribed to your blog… thanks to the authors of this blog for sharing…
    thanks you all…. 😀

  29. annyeong 😀

    site : SHINeeday
    description : everything ’bout SHINee with indonesian language
    site url :
    banner :

    already put yours.. thx^^ 😀

    • adi666
    • September 14th, 2010

    [Site Name] Adi666
    [Site URL]
    [Button] ————

    • adi666
    • September 17th, 2010

    [Site Name] Adi666
    [Site URL]

  30. site: Asian Pop Downloads
    description: 2 crazed kpop/cpop/jpop fans 🙂 here to provide downloadables [such as music/lyrics/graphics/music video downloads/HD Screencaps .. ALL MADE/PROVIDED by us 🙂 <3]

    • teukangelsph
    • October 23rd, 2010

    ♫ Name of Site: Teuk Angels Philippines
    ♫ Site URL:
    ♫ Description: SUPER JUNIOR Leader Leeteuk’s Angels in the Philippines.
    ♫ Button(not required if you dont have one) :

  31. ♫ Name of Site:sujuelfs4eva
    ♫ Site
    ♫ Description:for 15 all super junior memebers!
    ♫ Button:

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