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[fanaccount] KRY Concert in Seoul – Ryeowook & Yesung

our seats were on the balcony level, the second floor, waaaay at the back, but it didn’t matter because the venue was so tiny that the stage was still relatively close and clear. also the seats all sloped up, so i didn’t have to crane my neck or stand or anything to see it. we saw yesung’s mum outside the venue, and she recognised vanessa i think, because she kept staring at and smiling at her, and when we saw her we bowed and greeted her and she nodded and smiled back at us. she’s tiny and sweet, omg.
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101101 KRY concert in Kobe, Revealed that Coagulation” was supposed to be Kyuhyun’s solo [FANACCOUNT]

Subject: 101101 Simple Postscript of KRY concert in Kobe

Today I was very lucky because I went to see K.R.Y’s concert in Kobe. My seat is located in middle of the sixth line. This is the first time that I don’t need to use binocular to see Kyuhyun singing. I discovered that he is perfect. Today Kyuhyun’s hair style is similar to SS3 beijing and Thai-Korea’s Friendship Concert, is nice to see. His face is small and his good looking body kept my attention. About the song during concert is same as Tokyo’s concert on August. Yesung’s personal solo doesn’t changed, Ryeowook replaced Japanese song to Insomnia. And Kyuhyun was changed his two solo, Korean song is the OST of “Hope Is A Dream That Doesn’t Sleep” and Japanese song is Mika Nakashima’s “Snow”.

As always, good singing. Really touched, this child is always work hard, very busy but he still try to remember the songs, always want to give us surprise. Even though, sometimes Kyuhyun isn’t the one who can make fans happy, but he always tried to use the local language to sing to the fans to listen in the local place. Is not difficult to see the sincerity and strength of this child. I can only say that he is a real singer (not just an idol).

By the way, there has a little footage, in the question and answer session, which asked about the favorite song of KRY, Kyuhyun answer is “Coagulation”, because this song was supposed to be his solo song, is ready in 2007 recorded. After, because of some reason did not record it ( maybe it is because a car accident, and my heart feel a little bit sad ) But at the end, it was received sang by KRY and is was in the 4th album so he loves this song especially. So after all we can see that Kyuhyun still a nice child, he should deserve to get more love from fans.

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Chinese to English translation by @manto03@twitter
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[FANACCOUNT] 100815 Super Show 3 – SEOUL, part.2

continued from here

Part II:

Mostly things that the boys did but I can’t remember what song it was:

I think during “You and I”, they made Siwon go to the center stage and Teukkie ran from the front stage into his arms and Siwon carried him. So Hae also went up and stood in front and Yesung started running towards him but right before he reached Hae, he bent down like he was picking something up :D.
Hae also moved over and called out to Hyukjae who came racing down and Donghae carried him. Hyukjae tried to do sit ups but Hae wasn’t strong enough so the two fell over.LOL
Teuk did the same with Siwon but of course Horse is so strong so they were successful.

Then Kyu came over and told Teukkie to get on his back and he literally piggy backed him one entire round of the stadium <333333333333 Maknae and hyung love. It was so cute. Finally Kyu put him down on the center stage and fell flat on the ground so Teukkie was pretending to pump his heart. aww!

At the same time Siwon was piggy backing Hyukjae on the main stage. After he was done, he told Hyukjae to carry him and was getting ready but I think, Hyuk fell over.

I can’t remember correctly but I think Shindong was also piggybacking Heenim ^^

Then they all came to the center of the stage and Sungmin looked like he really wanted to get Teukkie’s attention keke Teukkie was busy interacting with fans but finally he saw Sungmin and the two linked arms and spun in circles. It was so good to see Min looking happy<3

After their intros, some of the boys had these weird trenchcoats on. The shoulder part was really hard so if they knelt down their head would disappear. So the boys kept running around and another member would pretend to knock them on the head and they’d duck. So cute!

EunHae love-hate as always. In the Suju T song, they sang to each other but right after they were kicking each other’s butts.

Teukkie is such a good hyung. Even during dance songs like Sorry Sorry/Bonamana whenever he finishes his part and has to go back he shakes hands with his members or pats them on the back <3.

During SuJu T, ChulHyuk were dancing together but this time, Hyukjae was the girl and Heenim was twirling him around ^^.
Donghae is so cute. He took a shirt from a fan while he was singing and put it on his chest, with the sleeves on his shoulder and walked around for a bit 😀
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[FANACCOUNT] 100815 Super Show 3 – SEOUL

I don’t know what’s already been mentioned so like my usual accounts, this one will be super long as well. Please ignore if there are tons of repeated information.


– the concert started with a cheesy Yoo Young Jin song that had me cringing esp. when he started singing the boys’ names in an R&B style. But they looked super hot in the video so I could look past it. It was shot along the same lines as the ones for the SuShow 1 and 2. Tall buildings and the boys materializing one by one, except this time they were in black and no wings.

– Sorry Sorry concert remix was awesome. Started with Teukkie rising up from the dome in the centre and flying up all the way to the top of the stadium and when he started coming down, the dome rose slowly to reveal the members. They spread out across the stadium for the two verses and then came together in the middle for “Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry” jumping part.

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[FANACCOUNT] Super Show 3 – SEOUL, part.2

Please pardon me for I don’t know how to make fanaccount. I only know how to spazz incoherently. I don’t know some of the songs or should I say I forgot the title. And, I didn’t see a stripping Kyu so I don’t have anything to say about that. I might be wrong on some parts too so please don’t expect too much. ^^ There were staffs near me so I wasn’t able to take photos or videos. I was able to record an audio of his solo though. Mianhe.

The stage was huge and closer to fans and I’m glad the boys maximized it. The opening was fantastic I must say, I don’t know how to explain the center stage aside from it has a rotating/lifting platform, they were inside this cage-like (?) cover and someone was lifted up in the air XD (not sure who was it coz I was busy looking for Kyu XD).

They performed Sorry, Sorry and Super Girl for the opening. If I’m not mistaken, both were different/new versions. They were wearing white suit.

Don’t Don – as you might already guess, Kyuhyun only appeared during his part.

No Other
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[FANACCOUNT] 100814 Super Show 3 – SEOUL

-The boys was in white suit, leeteuk cut his hair 🙂 everyone looks great
-The second song was super girl (korean version with Eunhyuk’s rap)
-3rd song was No Other 🙂 #EunHae play together !
-Oh the guest at the concert, I saw 2pm’s Nichkhun, SNSD F(x), Michael Kim.. With no kibum T__T (anybody saw him?)
-During introduction, Donghae speaks “Hello, I’m from England in English” he was wearing british soldier uniform 🙂
-Eunhyuk said that he also don’t know where he is from lol! (Sorry if I made mistake 😦 I’m not good at korean)
-Leeteuk said he was an Arabian prince and after that he introduced himself as KAngin Kibum and Hangeng 🙂
-Next song was 고백 #Eunhae during begining
-Donghae send kiss to the camera XD
-At the end of Rokgugo, boys did a running competition
-Next song was Rokgugo(?) Leeteuk sang kangin’s part
-Next, Vcr and Ryeowook’s solo with sungmin playing guitar in the song “One fine spring day”
-After that, kyuhyun solo, sorry I really don’t know the song title, he was in black suit and his voice was great!
-For Sungmin fans! Sungmin solo was sooooooo sexy! I was like O__o !
-He performed dance performance with female dancers!! ELFs were screaming
-Sungmin open his shirts and his abs was >///<
-Next… Sorry if I scream this so much but..EUNHAE SOLO!!!!!! XDD the song was by Eunhae and @onewaychance
-Eunhyuk was in beige jacket with a Super Hot performance with dancers, Donghae came up during verse2, wearing black shirt
-Eunhyuk ripped out his shirt, so did donghae! #Eunhae was damn sexy! TAT!
-#Eunhae did a rap battle during the song, just a short line
-Next was Heechul’s Solo with special guest sulli f(x) 🙂 hee was in black suit with red bow tie,sulli was in black dress
-Sorry I forgot don’t don at the beginning -_- heechul played the drums set himself!
-Next , Shindong solo 🙂 the song was named ” Champion” and the performance was reallly cute!

-Next,Super junior T Vcr with donghae and siwon,#Eunhae wear ninja suit,Sj-T performed trot song and Donghae was there with Sj-T
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19.32 – Concert started!

19.35 – Sorry Sorry (remix ver.) In white suits (Ryeowook and Heechul wears hair)

19.41 – Super Girl (Korean ver. By SJ)

19.46 – Don’t Don 19.51 – No other

19.58 – Self introduce (the VCR showed different people talking in 4 languages about SS3) Ryeowook in Indian, Heechul in French, Shindong in Chinese, Siwon in Spanish (Mathador), Donghae and Kyuhyun as Pharaon, Leeteuk in Saudi arabian.Eunhyuk said “so hot”Leeteuk imitated about other 3 members, Kangin, Kibum and Hangeng. Shindong act as Chinaman.Leeteuk, Donghae, Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk speak in English.During the introduction part, everyone laugh at Leeteuk’s outfit. Donghae said it was something that HIS MUM would wear.
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