Super Junior Guesting @ SBS Star King Ep.113

all of members of super junior exacpt Heenim, Hankyung, Kangin, Kibum
and this is some pict from star king..

mslhndmore pict —>> pict star king

video link download:

[FULL] 090418 SBS Star King Ep.113
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Hangeng’s Fancafe 090408

it’s SJ-M’s 1st anniversary!

hello everyone~!
times passes really fast,in a blink of an eye and a year gone。
since april 8th the day SJ-M first performed in china,all of you have always been by our side supporting,cheering,
i’m grateful for all the times we’ve spent together this one year,all the ups and downs we’ve been through together,every single moment you’ve accompanied us……
everyone’s hard work,we can sense it,without all of you there won’t be SJ-M today。
at the same time while doing 3jib activities,we’re also preparing for SJ-M’s 2nd chinese album,
i believe the new album will definitely surprise everyone,showing a different SJ-M!!
hope all of you can continue supporting us and anticipate our new album,
once again thank you everyone for all the support given to us this one year,you are our motivation,
we SJ-M will continue to work hard。i love you guys!

p.s.【commemoration of SJ-M 1st anniversary】 exclusive backstage photos!
i’m posting on behalf of everyone~!haha~

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Han Geng’s Cyworld Entry 2009.03.25 19:45

让爱继续/Let Love Go On

Date: 2009-03-25
Mood: Weather:
Among all the birthday presents I received, the one I cherished most this year was the “Let Love Go On” activity,,,I really hope everyone will let love go on,,,let us go on~~~Thank you all!!!
I love you all!!!

Some info about the “让爱继续/Let love go on” activity:
It has been the theme for charity events initiated by Geng’s Baidu Bar since Feb ‘08.. For the unfortunate snowstorms in China last year, they managed to raise RMB15,957 worth of funds..[#]. Please correct me if I’m wrong^^

The power of E.L.F. is amazing 

Original Source; Han Geng ’s Home
Translated by;

Eeteuk Cyworld 090420

title: ..ooh??!!!..!!!! ooh???!!!1…
..why am I like that..kkkkkkk say, why like this?…doing it..

title:..king.. girlfriend~~~is very pretty.. girlfriend~~~is ELF!! ㅡㅡ..k
..Super Junior Happy..memory of having done lots of activities..^^
..even at the volleyball stadium..kk


..People who wants to be squeezed between eyebrows..kk
..I’m taking reservations…k

credits: Teukie’s CY, Baidu, 丁丁@O~BLUE妖精原创天堂, soompi
translated from Chinese to English by:

welcome to ShiningBlue !

so, here we are ! (apaan si..)

finally, blog ini dibikin juga . hahahaa
stelahh dipertimbangkan begitu lama dgn para teman” (bahasanyaa…) akhirnya dibuka juga . blog ini resmi kita buka tgl 20 april 2009 kmarenn . karna tergiur melihat para koreaners berjuang  untuk mempublikasikan dunia sana . anehh bgt gw ngmg gini hahaa..

weblog ini berbicara tentang Korean Entertainment, mulai dari review film dan drama, Korean Pop, gosip artis… next, kita mau jual cd perform/reality show,etc para artis korea. tapi, untuk skarang kita masih tahapp pembicaraan nii. so, be patient ! ^^


Finally, this blog is created.
after being so long with our friends, this blog finally is opened. this blog we open officially on 20 april 2009. because, we see the koreaners struggle to publish to the world, and want to share news about your favorite band of all time .. ^^

This weblog is talking about Korean Entertainment. Ranging from movie reviews and the drama, Korean Pop, gossip artist, etc .
Next, we want to sell a cd performance / reality show about Koreans. But, for now we still discuss it.  so, be patient! ^ ^

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