[fanaccount] KRY Concert in Seoul – Ryeowook & Yesung

our seats were on the balcony level, the second floor, waaaay at the back, but it didn’t matter because the venue was so tiny that the stage was still relatively close and clear. also the seats all sloped up, so i didn’t have to crane my neck or stand or anything to see it. we saw yesung’s mum outside the venue, and she recognised vanessa i think, because she kept staring at and smiling at her, and when we saw her we bowed and greeted her and she nodded and smiled back at us. she’s tiny and sweet, omg.

i was thinking, maybe i should try to sneakily take some photos, but then apparently at least 2 girls in our section got thrown out for taking pics (i didn’t see it, but vanessa did), so in hindsight it was a good thing i didn’t. i WISH i could though, i really do >.<

i’ll go song by song, but uh towards the middle i may mix up the order or forget some songs, dies. i’m going again tomorrow though, so anything i miss out today i’ll put it in my fanaccount for tomorrow.

okay it started off with this awesome VTR with some… oddly dystopic-looking city, idk what it was supposed to be, and a dancing girl, and then KRY appears in suits strutting along and looking hot. and yeah… that was it 😐


dreaming hero: um they basically walked down the stairs and stood with ryeowook in the middle, yesung on the right, kyu on the left. yesung waved to us at the second level and everyone waved back, rofl. halfway through the song yekyu swapped places, and yesung gave kyu a high five as they passed each other 😀

geu geot bbunieyo: urgh omg i love this song, it’s such a beautiful song and they sang it gorgeously as always.

heartquake: OMG MY FAVOURITE SUJU SONG :’DDD i honestly thought i’d never get to hear it live again after ss2, but now i did and it makes me so happy :’DDD donghae came out for the rap, he was dressed in all black with black leather gloves and god, he looked SO GOOD. i’ve always found heartquake a really sexy song and hearing it live just blows me away.

let’s not: this was beautiful, KRY went back to the steps and sat down on them and sang like that 😀

what if: sungmin came out and i literally did a double take because his hair looked amazing today, his bangs were all swept down over one side of his face and just… it looked so good *____*

somewhere around here they took a break and talked to the audience. obviously i had no idea what they talked about most of the time, dies. ryeowook started first, and he spoke for a really long time, and rofl he introduced himself as “super junior’s maknae ryeowook”. and then yesung said something while pointing at kyu, i guess he was trying to say that kyu’s the real maknae, and ryeowook was being all I AM THE MAKNAE I DON’T CARE 😡 super cute. then kyu said something and ryeowook said something else back and they bantered a bit, then kyu introduced himself as “super junior’s kyuhyun”, rofl. and he was SO CUTE, and such a brat, he asked us if they were good and if the concert was good and everyone screams “yes!” and he just said “yeah. i know. /grins” and everyone just died laughing. i know they said a lot of funny stuff because the audience laughed a lot, but i don’t understand most of it ;___; yesung introduced himself, and asked us all to enjoy ourselves, etc.

georeumeul meomchugo: okay so i’m pretty sure something happened just as the lights blacked out and they were going backstage to prepare for this song, as in something funny, because when the song started and kyuhyun appeared first, he suddenly stopped singing and started laughing :’DDD it was so hilarious because he couldn’t even look at the audience. he TRIED singing again, but had to stop because he just couldn’t get the words out, he was giggling so hard. and lmao ryeowook came up next, and he was actually DOUBLED OVER on the platform laughing. he could NOT sing at all either, it was the funniest thing ever. then from backstage yesung shouted something into his mic, i think it was something like “please continue” or “please concentrate”, because then ryeowook gathered himself and started singing, but like kyu he couldn’t go for long before he collapsed in fits of giggles again. yesung appeared, and he was completely calm and composed, he sang and was totally serious, and because of that the other two managed to get themselves together and start singing properly :3 it was SO FUNNY though, it made us laugh so hard. they’re so cute, sobs.

H.I.T: oh this was awesome because they did a rock version of it, with all 5 of them (including haemin) with standing mics. sungmin did this ~cool~ pointing at audience move that yesung copied, lmao. and kyuhyun did the same only he pointed out at us with both arms instead of one. /makes no sense right now

another VTR, this time the famous one where sungmin chokes on an egg and “dies” and becomes a ghost and chases KRY around with a spoon, rofl.

the night chicago died: cries omg this was about ten million kinds of cute, KRY do their usual thing of wandering about the stage singing, and then sungmin as a ghost comes up behind with a spoon :’DDD he went to ryeowook first and started hitting him with the spoon so he couldn’t sing properly, rofl. and then he went to yesung and did the same, and lastly to kyuhyun, but kyuhyun ran DOWN THE STAGE into the audience to escape him and sungmin followed 😀 the second half of the song, sungmin left, and KRY went to each side of the stage for the “la la la la la la la la la” part, and ryeowook and yesung put their arms around each other both times :’DDD it was adorable the second time round because ryeowook kind of pushed past kyuhyun to get to yesung and hold him and i was just like ALSDJFKASDHF OTP OMG :’DDD

kyuhyun’s solos: it started out with a VTR where kyuhyun was being interviewed, but of course i had no idea what they were saying 😐 kyuhyun did his OST for the first song, it was hilarious because he came out in this… horrible blue SPARKLY jacket, idk why, and i think he did a bit of a skit? i couldn’t understand ;__; after that he removed the jacket and he was wearing a suit under, and he started singing properly. for the second song he did a japanese song with the lyrics changed to korean. i know it’s a japanese song because i’ve heard it before, but for the life of me i can’t remember what it’s called or who sang it ;___; anyway kyuhyun sings AMAZINGLY, like always. he just makes singing look as effortless as talking, idek. he looked very tired though, poor thing – and his skin was just… rofl terrible ;___; they filmed him on his right once, just once, and he had pockmarks and huge festering zits, and after that they never filmed him from that side again, they always showed him from his left rofl. but his voice is so absolutely beautiful! the japanese song is a pretty hard song to sing, imo, and he did it wonderfully.

ryeowook’s solo: VTR with his interview first, and then he came out 😀 he was in a suit too, but no tie unlike kyuhyun, he had this pale blue shirt that was open at the neck and i was just DROOLING. i expected him to do bomnal, but he did smile again! OH MY GOD WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS ADEQUATELY HOW MUCH I LOVE THAT SONG. he started out sounding kind of soft and shaky, but then when it came to the chorus his voice just swelled right out of him and it just… urgh completely mesmerised and overwhelmed me omg he is PERFECT. he has SO MUCH POWER and perfect control over his voice and sobs i love him and his singing and just everything about him ;___; then he went off after one song and i was like 😐 because i thought that he only got one song. (he did another one later :3)

yesung’s solos: VTR with his interview too, and then he did his new paradise ranch OST! and sounded AMAZING doing it, sobs. yesung is my favourite voice in KRY and really, when he sings, it almost sounds like the little auditorium is too small to contain his voice. it swells out of him much like ryeowook’s does, and it has that added quality of being wonderfully husky and raw and rough and silky and i just… ALSDKFHSLAD;F I LOVE HIS VOICE SO MUCH I CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE IT ;___; after that he did neo animyeon andwae, and got the audience singing along, as usual 😀 i thought he seemed kind of tired, because the bags under his eyes were terrible, but when he was done he spoke a little bit and said that he was sick ;___; poor man, he was so sweet, he kept apologising for being sick and not being at his best, but to me he sounded amazing and perfect ;___; idk how he’s going to get through another 3 concerts in his condition, it’s really quite worrying 😐

ryeowook’s second solo: OH MY GOD. HE DID MIKA’S BLAME IT ON THE BOYS. IN ENGLISH. AND HE STARTED OFF SITTING ON THE STEPS SURROUNDED BY FEMALE DANCERS, AND OMG HE WAS JUST. SO. SEXY. he really knows how to work his looks omg he was just throwing us smouldering cocky looks and i was like URGH OMG RYEOWOOK *____* and then he started dancing, which was pretty cute because… well he’s cute, UNTIL HE STARTED GRINDING THE FEMALE DANCERS, TWO OF THEM. one of them is his insomnia partner too :3 oh god he was completely amazing and sexy and just… the single hottest thing i have ever seen in my life. IT IS LIKE… ABOUT TEN BILLION TIMES HOTTER AND SEXIER AND BETTER THAN INSOMNIA OMG KIM RYEOWOOK SO MUCH UNF, I DIED AND WENT TO HEAVEN :’DDD

the sad VTR where they were like… crying and holding rings came up next. RYEOWOOK IS HOT IN IT BECAUSE HE’S DRIVING A REALLY SEXY ALFA ROMEO CONVERTIBLE. AND I HAVE THIS… THING… FOR RYEOWOOK DRIVING, HNGH. kyuhyun immerses himself in a bathtub and eats a ring, ryeowook drives while crying and eats a ring, and yesung throws a ring into the sea and then lies on the rocks in agony. okay i know i make it sound stupid but it really was quite awesome. and sad. 😐

coagulation: okay this was one of the songs i’ve always wanted to hear live, because it is SO BEAUTIFUL. KRY really sound gorgeous singing this song, it was like made for them.

the boys talked again, and i THINK yesung said something about sj-m coming back soon :’D and then he said something about acapella and kyuhyun was all cheeky and got up in his face and went like “acapella? acapella? ACAPELLA?” and yesung was just like 😐 at him, lmao. ryeowook talked a long time about his new solo, and he asked if we liked it and we said “yes!” and yesung asked “really?” and we said “yes!” again 😀 and ryeowook actually BLUSHED! he turned red, it was the CUTEST thing, omg /squishes him. yesung continued to apologise for being sick ;___; he is so sweet.

chinese folk song: then it turns out, they’re singing that chinese folk song (which i simply cannot remember the name of urgh) that they did in taiwan’s kry concert, and they’re doing it ACAPELLA. i just… cannot even describe how wonderful it sounded OH MY GOD. when they sang together, harmonising together, it actually sounded like there was background music – but there wasn’t, it was just them and their voices harmonising. that is how good they are. background music started in the second half of the song, but it didn’t matter, they were absolutely breathtaking. there are some people who argue that KRY’s voices don’t mesh, they sound too different, etc, but my god if they actually heard them sing this acapella, they would change their minds immediately. KRY’s voices blend SEAMLESSLY. they are just made for each other laksjdfsad. yesung and ryeowook also kept looking at each other while singing… just looking, and sort of singing to each other ;___; it was so sweet and adorable, omg.

mirror: alskdfjas also one of my favourite songs! sungmin and donghae came back out for this. yesung’s ad libs are always my favourite part of this song because he just sounds so fantastic. honestly i could hardly tell he was sick, he sounded wonderful to me, he just looked really tired, poor thing.

turns out that siwon came for the concert! the cameras were focusing on him, and the boys (including haemin) talked about how he was there, and then ryeowook was like “siwon-hyung come up on stage!” so siwon went :’DDD ryeowook gave him a hug when he came up, and then siwon took hae’s mic and talked to the audience. the boys also bantered for quite a while among themselves, laughed and joked a lot, it was adorable. siwon hugged everyone at least once (except sungmin, sobs, though they talked) and when he left the stage ryeowook gave him another hug and siwon patted donghae’s butt, lmao :’DDD ryeowook then gave donghae a hug to… idk comfort him after having his butt patted? /dies :’DDD

oh and during the next song (which i somehow CANNOT remember at all) all 5 of them went round throwing towels and stuff into the audience. yesung went to kyuhyun, wiped him with a towel, being a nice hyung and all, and then tossed that towel into the audience :DDD ryeowook actually went down, right into the audience, and he disappeared for the longest time lmao i could NOT see him at all. kyuhyun also went down for a while, and sungmin held a fan’s hand and sang a few lines to her omg ;___; though this could have happened earlier, in another song, idk it’s all kind of blurry now.

so then they all went offstage, and the stage went dark, and everyone started screaming for an encore… which they eventually gave.

U + bonamana + sorry sorry medley: urgh i was totally looking forward to this, ngl. when U started yesung and kyu were in front so yesung got like a small dance break to do and rofl he seems to be improving :’DDD they got the audience to their feet and i tell you, there is nothing like watching a concert in korea, because the fanchants are AWESOME. everyone knows the fanchants and everyone is completely synchronised and it sent chills down my spine listening to the fans. it was totally energetic and very very very good, a perfect ending to a perfect concert :’DDD

after that was done, they all said bye and left, but suddenly ryeowook just RAN BACK OUT ON STAGE BY HIMSELF smiling and sweet, and waved at all of us again and made a heart sign with his arms before he ran back in. sobs he is the sweetest thing ever, i swear. he was glowing and sparkly and happy throughout the concert; they all were actually. you can tell how happy it makes them, being able to hold a KRY concert in their own country, finally.

just some random observations: there was quite a lot of yewook, which makes me happy because i generally have crappy luck when it comes to my otp. they talked and whispered a lot, sometimes they were whispering stuff to each other past kyuhyun or donghae, rofl. and they looked at each other quite a number of times while singing, not just in the chinese folk song – i swear there were at least 2 other songs they did that but i can’t remember which ones. lots of yehae too! in fact during the last talk yesung and hae were being so huggy, arms around each other and all, that kyuhyun told yesung to stop touching donghae lmao :’DDD sungmin was rather quiet today, but he usually is, unless he’s asked to speak. ryeowook is beautiful, and yesung is still one of the hottest men i have ever seen 😐 even sick, he’s still so handsome, guh.

so… i’m going for another one tomorrow, and hopefully i’ll come back with another fanaccount – possibly less detailed than today’s, but i can fill in the blanks because i KNOW i mixed up the song order terribly and possibly missed out a couple of songs too 😐 but seriously speaking, this concert was absolutely worth it. KRY concert is like… my dream come true, and something i’ve always wanted to see, and it is completely worth it giving up ss3 in malaysia to come to korea and watch this. KRY IS PERFECTION. THAT IS ALL.

Credits: thundersquall @ sj-world / thundersquall @ livejournal
shared by kinnyyLEE @ shiningblue
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