Ryeowook wants Super Junior to be known as singers, not just ‘variety stars’

While wrapping up their first Korean concert on February 13th, Super Junior-K.R.Y’s Ryeowook spoke about his feelings on Super Junior’s ‘variety image’ through tears.

He began, “We held this concert in Japan and Taiwan first, and I really wanted to perform for our Korean fans as well, so I’m very sorry for that.  Super Junior’s known for their funny and ‘variety’ image.. But I personally think that our singing image is just as important.”

Tearing up, he continued,
“We’re able to hold concerts like this because all of you (fans) exist.  We’ll continue to work hard in order to become a Super Junior that holds a lot of concerts as well.”

Kyuhyun and Yesung commented, “He’s really an angelic person.  Thank you so much for coming tonight.”

1.Kyuhyun ssi, can I say one thing?

[Kyuhyun: Oh, say two things please]

2.Yes, though I’m doing this concert, actually I/we did this in Japan & Taiwan first

3.Though I/we really wanted to show it to national fans too, above all I’m/we’re really sorry

4.Next, as for SJ’s images, you know we show a lot of funny/ variety images

5.*cry* But actually I think that the singing image is also very important.

6.And thanks to you guys, we/ I can #@&$

7.We will try hard to become a SJ who does #^%& a lot

cr: ArielwGeng @yt

Source + Photos: Joy News 24 via Daum
Tip: sjlove, sjruletheworld
Credit: Allkpop
Shared by RoyalFuchsia@SMTownJjang
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