Kim Heechul and his idol Shim Hyungrae, double the excitement. “Everyone please come to my show!”

The photograph of Kim Heechul, a member of Korean boyband Super Junior, and gagman Shim Hyungrae has been released. Through his Twitter, Kim Heechul posted “ With Shim Hyungrae senior ~ Wow, I’ve liked Yong gu since young. It’s really great to see the real person this time.” He also attached a photograph of Shim Hyungrae and him. He added “Shim Hyungrae senior who is able to come to my show!!!”, expressing his excitement.

In the photograph, Shim Hyungrae and Kim Heechul are leaning against each other, with confident expressions on their faces. Ever since his debut in the entertainment industry, Kim Heechul has regarded Shim Hyungrae as his idol. He also showed his respect and admiration for his senior this time.

After viewing the photographs, many netizens commented “Both of them are smiling,” “Looking forward to the movie,” “Both of them look good together?”, “The excitement after meeting an idol”, “It’s truly friendship”.

Source: TVDaily
Korean to Chinese translation: 歪歪@
Chinese to English translation: ≈ tiηg♡ @
Thanks to for the heads up

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