110213 KRY Transcript

110213 KRY Transcript – Ryeowook cried while talking about his wish. (This made the news too)

ㄴRyeowook: Kyuhyun ssi, can I have a word too?
ㄴKyuhyun: ah here, have two words.
ㄴRyeowook: yeah, while doing the concerts recently, actually you know we first did them in Japan and Taiwan..
ㄴFans: yes
ㄴRyeowook: my heart was filled with want of showing them to all of you national fans too, so first of all I feel so sorry.
ㄴFans: no, it’s okay!

ㄴRyeowook: next, Super Junior’s image is.. eh.. that of entertainers… the image of being very funny.
ㄴ(Yesung mumbles something)
ㄴFans: no, it’s not true!
ㄴRyeowook: But truthfully I..
ㄴFans: ooh don’t cry, don’t cry! Don’t cry!
ㄴYesung: why do you cry over and over again!
ㄴFans: don’t cry!
ㄴRyeowook: I think it’s significant to obtain a singing image too. We are here because of you, and that’s whyㅡ
ㄴFans: (shout)
ㄴRyeowook: ㅡwe can hold concerts. We will put a lot of effort into becoming the Super Junior who can hold a lot of concerts too.
ㄴFans: (shout)
ㄴ(Yesung mumbles something)
ㄴKyuhyun: This kid is really like an angel
ㄴFans: (laugh)
ㄴYesung: what about you?
ㄴKyuhyun: Me, I sing like an angel.
ㄴYesung: ..what
ㄴRyeowook: Sorry….!
ㄴYesung: then considering what Ryeowook said and the people who came to see the concert, what song shall we sing?
ㄴKyuhyun: Angel.


Translated by GAIA ㅡ SJ-WORLD.NET / Audio source. YSOO0607 and S.Jr Holic
Download audio: http://cfile236.uf.daum.net/attach/191382544D57D59B2AD12E

No matter what fans say, I can’t help but agree with Ryeowook. It’s not easy to gain fans in Korea considering the amount of groups that debut every year, so you have to try in every possible way. Variety shows are one of the safest routes to get exposed. Ever since debut the members have been on so many variety shows ㅡ trying to make people laugh and entertain while also promoting the group’s name ㅡ that I can’t even remember them all.

Taken out from sj-world.net

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