Kim Heechul “Radio Star is the real Variety show”

“There’s no real variety show like this one.”

The quote is from Kim Heechul who became the new MC of popular variety program, Radio Star, talking about the atmosphere of Radio Star studio.

Kim Heechul said in a recent interview with Yonhap News, “I have wanted to be in this great program as the MC.  So when I became the MC, I participated in the taping with lots of anticipations.  But I was surprised when the atmosphere of the taping was exactly the same as it was on TV.”

He added, “it was really helpful when Kim Goora hyung told me not to be prepared.  Before doing the show, I thought I should be bold and show my real self, even though I might be seen as arrogant.  So it was easier for me to get adjusted to the atmosphere of the filming studio.”

Since the 8th of last month, Kim Heechul has been appearing on Radio Star as an MC.  He took over for Shin Jung Hwan who left the show due to his scandal with gambling.  Kim Heechul has successfully adapted himself to the strong sunbaes Kim Goora, Yoon Jongshin and Kim Gookjin.

◇Practicing a script ㆍno one helps each other “This is Radio Star”= “Which member helps you the most?” “Which member reacts the best to what you say?”  “Which member said well wishing words to you after a taping?”

On these question, Kim Heechul answered, “no one.”  He said, “The program is the same on TV as it is during the taping of it.  I think that’s the reason why viewers like Radio Star.”

He added, “the MCs don’t help each other.  They don’t even help the guests.  Why would they help each other?  The MC that reacts the best to me?  I rather think it’s the guests that react best to what I say.  After the taping ends, all of us are busy trying to get home.  The cool mood is what Radio Star is all about.” (laughs)

He said, “the cool mood is even shown in the script on the opening lines and on the list of questions.  I don’t know if it’s because we frequently talk informally to the guests, but script says ‘talking down prohibited’ in small fonts.”

“The staffs told me that it’s a kind of program that you would fail if you went to the show prepared.  There’s no separate time for practicing the script and we joke with each other in the waiting room until the taping starts.  Everything we say is almost like ad libs.  So there’s no better program than Radio Star if you want to develop your quick thinking on variety shows.”

He added, “I felt heartwarming cheers from Radio Star hyungs when they would give me minor reactions.”

“When I say ‘yeah~’ and tell Goora hyung to hit my fist, he does it while looking unwilling about it.  Then Jongshin hyung smiles and Gookjin hyung laughs ‘huh huh huh’.  Even though I say this, the hyungnims tell me lots of good things.  Jongshin hyung tells me ‘(Hee)Chulah I like your gag’ and laughs warmly.

◇”My dream is to host Kim Heechul Show“= Even though he co-hosts the program with ahjussi MCs who have unique personalities, the person he felt the biggest burden towards was Shin Junghwan.

It wasn’t really burdensome for me to co-host the program with the hyungs because I felt at ease when I thought that I didn’t have to act like them.  But it was burdensome for me to think that I have to fill in the shoes of Shin Junghwan hyung.  Since Junghwan hyung was the best in thinking quickly and did well in variety shows.  Even though I felt burdensome, I thought to myself, I just have to act like myself.”

The weapon he chose was arrogance which was the result of thinking outside the box.  He pushed Kim Goora’s buttons who is the expert on biting remarks.  When Kim Heechul appeared on the program as a special guest MC, Kim Goora told him that he’ll be notified after the MCs mark his score and Kim Heechul showed his confidence by replying, “I’ll think about that too.”

Among the idol singers, Kim Heechul is especially active as a host.

He hosts SBS radio PowerFM’s (107.7㎒) Kim Heechul’s Youngstreet and is also an MC on MBC TV’s new program The Night when Memory Shines.

He said his dream is to host Kim Heechul Show in the future.  He added, “I’m going to work hard as part of Super Junior and on my acting career.  But I want to focus on becoming a host for awhile.”

“I received the spotlight as a guest on variety shows before.  Now, with Radio Star, I want to receive the spotlight as the MC of new generation.  To become such an MC, I would have to build my skills through various experiences.  I already cast my first guest on Kim Heechul Show.  The C.E.O. of my company(SM Entertainment) Mr. Lee Sooman agreed to appear on the show.” (laughs)

Source: Yonhap News
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM
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