Choi Soojong-Sungmin dances to “Sorry Sorry” together at the prayer ceremony of President

The images of father-and-son pair Choi Soojong and Sungmin dancing to “Sorry Sorry” together attracted attention.
On the 10th of this month, actor Choi Soojong and Super Junior member Sungmin started dancing to “Sorry Sorry” at the prayer ceremony for the KBS drama “President” which was held at one of the temples in Gyeonggi-do in order to pray for the success of the drama. The main actor Choi Soojong automatically suggested to Sungmin that: “We should show the other dramas whose ratings would be affected by the high ratings of our drama how apologetic we are!”, and used this special way of showing their faith in their drama. On the day of the prayer ceremony which was attended by Choi Soojong, Ha Heera, Jay, Wang Jihye, Sungmin and the other actors of the drama, and also more than a 100 staff members, they prayed for the success of the drama together. The entire process had a very warm feeling, especially the look of the future president Jang Iljun* who was cheering loudly for the drama series while dancing to “Sorry Sorry”, and received the nickname of “the dancing President”.

On the other hand, Byun Heebong, who played the part of Jang Iljun’s rival Go Sangryul, mentioned about the recent incident whereby a bear escaped from the Seoul Grand Park, and shouted that: “The bear has been caught at the foot of the mountain!” His humourous joke caused everyone to laugh ceaselessly. Aside from that, Heebong also predicted that: “In the beginning we might have a viewer rating of about 12%, and it should be able to reach 30% by the end (of the drama).” When the screenwriter of the drama (Son Youngmok) heard it, he retorted that: “The starting (ratings) are too low, the latter half should be able to surpass 40%!”, expressing his immense confidence towards the drama series. Meanwhile, the producers expressed that: “Just by taking a look at the number of actors and staff who took part in President’s prayer ceremony, it can be seen that our drama is a large-scale production, after the prayer ceremony ends our viewer ratings will increase gradually.”, also expressing their faith towards the miniseries.

The drama “President” describes about the story of young congressman Jang Iljun (played by Choi Soojong), whose family members and the people around him were trying their best to put him in the presidential seat. It will be aired on the 15th of December after “Fugitive: Plan B” ends its run.

* Jang Iljun is the name of Choi Soojong’s character in the drama.

Source: KoreaStarDaily
Translated by eternalsnow @
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