101210 Leeteuk’s Twitter Update [3 Tweets]

너무 고맙고…너무 미안해요…열심히 투표해줘서 목이찢어져라 응원해줘서…♥휴대전화 요금 많이나왔을텐데..


Thank you so much…Really sorry…It must be hard for you to vote and hard on your lungs to cheer…♥ It would be a lot of phone bills come out (to pay for)..


내 모든것 슈퍼주니어..그리고 엘프^^앞으로도 잘지킬게요…!!!우리에게 내일이 있다는게 얼마나 행복한일이에요?^^/ 추운날에도 와주신 분들 그리고 시청해주신 모든 분들!사랑이 뜨거워서 여름인줄알았어요ㅋ우리 서로 지켜가자구요 사랑합니다..


Super Junior is my everything..and ELF^^ I’ll keep well in the future…!!! Tell us how being a happy day for tomorrow?^^/ Those who came in cold weather and all of you who joining us! I thought it was hot, I love summerㅋ Let us hold each other’s love..


*^^* http://yfrog.com/h4xzdzj



source: Leeteuk’s twitter
translated by kinnyyLEE @ shiningblue
Take out with full credit.

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