Will Super Junior Receive the Gold Disk Awards Daesang 2 Years in a row?

Super Junior is likely to receive the Golden Disk Awards Daesang two years in a row.

The 25th Golden Disk Awards chooses its winners by calculating regular album sales and digital album sales. Super Junior who received Daesang in the disk category last year has the most album sales.

According to Hanteo charts on December 9th, Super Junior’s fourth album A version has sold total of 131,956 CDs from January 1st to December 8th, 2010, holding the number one spot in album sales.

SNSD is ranked number two with their second album Oh! which sold 123,318 copies. However, their number of album sales has difference of 8000 copies when compared to Super Junior’s fourth album. In selecting the winner for this year, repackaged albums are also included in the total number of sales. The repackaged album of Oh! has sold 56,543 copies while the repackaged album of Super Junior sold 45,412 copies. Super Junior’s fourth album was also released in B version which sold 48,368 copies.

A representative of the Golden Disk Awards explained that SNSD’s third album Hoot which was released in the end of October sold 91,544 copies, but could not included in the total number of sales, because it was not in the ranking during the selection of nominees.

In the awards, the popularity poll result which ended in December 6th counts as 20 percent of the vote in selecting the winner. Super Junior’s Miinah was number one with 34.5 percent and SNSD’s Oh! was number two with 22.9 percent. Super Junior overwhelmingly won the poll with 11.6 percent difference.

Super Junior received Daesang in the disk category at the Gold Disk Awards last year.

The 25th Golden Disk Awards will be held on December 9th, 7PM at Korea University Hwajung gymnasium in Ahnam, Seoul.

Source: EDaily
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

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