101101 KRY concert in Kobe, Revealed that Coagulation” was supposed to be Kyuhyun’s solo [FANACCOUNT]

Subject: 101101 Simple Postscript of KRY concert in Kobe

Today I was very lucky because I went to see K.R.Y’s concert in Kobe. My seat is located in middle of the sixth line. This is the first time that I don’t need to use binocular to see Kyuhyun singing. I discovered that he is perfect. Today Kyuhyun’s hair style is similar to SS3 beijing and Thai-Korea’s Friendship Concert, is nice to see. His face is small and his good looking body kept my attention. About the song during concert is same as Tokyo’s concert on August. Yesung’s personal solo doesn’t changed, Ryeowook replaced Japanese song to Insomnia. And Kyuhyun was changed his two solo, Korean song is the OST of “Hope Is A Dream That Doesn’t Sleep” and Japanese song is Mika Nakashima’s “Snow”.

As always, good singing. Really touched, this child is always work hard, very busy but he still try to remember the songs, always want to give us surprise. Even though, sometimes Kyuhyun isn’t the one who can make fans happy, but he always tried to use the local language to sing to the fans to listen in the local place. Is not difficult to see the sincerity and strength of this child. I can only say that he is a real singer (not just an idol).

By the way, there has a little footage, in the question and answer session, which asked about the favorite song of KRY, Kyuhyun answer is “Coagulation”, because this song was supposed to be his solo song, is ready in 2007 recorded. After, because of some reason did not record it ( maybe it is because a car accident, and my heart feel a little bit sad ) But at the end, it was received sang by KRY and is was in the 4th album so he loves this song especially. So after all we can see that Kyuhyun still a nice child, he should deserve to get more love from fans.

Original post by xian_ai BAIDU
Chinese to English translation by @manto03@twitter
Shared by: 27shinyeon@Sj-World.net

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