Suju Donghae is expected to be the lead role of SBS ‘It’s fine, Dad’s Daughter’

Male group Super Junior’s Donghae is expected to appear as the lead role for SBS New Monday-Tuesday Drama “It’s fine, Dad’s Daughter“.

In “It’s fine, Dad’s Daughter” which is scheduled to air on November 22, Donghae is going to play the lead role Wookgi and
the final settlement is being prepared.

On the 14th a rep from SBS Drama division said to Money Today Star News , “We plan for Donghae to cast as the lead role”

Donghae’s company SM Entertainment said “It’s true that we have received the proposal and have done a meeting, but we haven’t made a decision yet”

Meanwhile ‘It’s fine, Dad’s Daughter‘ is about Chae Ryeong (played by Moon Chaewon), a child that grows up without worries and rebuilds her live after experiencing her dad’s sudden death. Moon Chaewon and CN Blue Kang Minhyuk have been confirmed as the casts of the drama.

source HERE
translated by ☆★pinkninja
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