Kim Hee Chul shows off the emotional side of him in Sj’s Beijing Concert, with Sulli as guest.

Asia’s super idol group Super Junior will be holding their 3rd Asia Tour in Beijing Indoor Stadium on the 23rd. It will be similar to that being held in Korea, and for once, the charismatic Kim Hee Chul will be having a solo in the Super Junior Super Show 3 Beijing’s concert, in order to make up to the Chinese fans whom he felt regretful for not performing his solo then.

Kim Hee Chul, named as the ‘heart-warming one’ by China fans, have participated in the production of China idol drama <Youth of Melody> before the start of the Asia Tour, making him very well known among fans as well as viewers. According to the organizers, Hee Chul, a big fan of China, was really regretful the previous time they came here to perform because he couldn’t perform his solo here. The original plan for the Super Junior Beijing concert didn’t have Hee Chul’s solo in it, but because he was going to go into the army soon next year, Hee Chul requested to have a solo for his favourite Chinese fans as well as the Beijing fans. In the end, they decided to bring in girl group F(x)’s member Sulli as a special guest to sing his solo in the Korea’s concert, <Ideas for an idol breakup>. Those fans who love Hee Chul are really lucky! SJ’s concert in Beijing will ensure that everyone sees the different side of the lively and happy male idol Hee Chul when on stage.

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Translated by: ミ mholic ★

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