Eunhyuk reveals woes ‘Being recognised later as he’s behind Leeteuk, should he continue to appear together?’

Super Junior Eunhyuk revealed sadness from being recognised later than Leeteuk.

On 9th September’s KBS 2TV “Happy Birthday”, Eunhyuk confesses about the uneasiness behind he and Leeteuk’s strong collaboration.

Eunhyuk who usually appears on many shows with Leeteuk said “Compared to myself, people remember Leeteuk more” “There are even people who mistake me as Leeteuk” Eunhyuk explained “I’m troubled as to whether I should continue working with Leeteuk on shows or work by myself”

After that, Lee Kyeongkyu said “It’s because Leeteuk has a lot to say which resulted in this” showing that he understood Eunhyuk. he also added that he has a talent school that he’s running, if Eunhyuk were willing to give him 300 000 he would be able to go on variety shows by himself. This statement caused everyone to burst out in laughter.

Everyone would be able to watch Eunhyuk’s adorable woes on KBS 2TV’s ‘Happy Birthday’ which would air on 6 September 11:15pm.

Source: Newsen
Korean > Chinese translation: weniee@
Chinese > English translation: bulletproof@

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