THE HOTTEST KPOP SONGS OF 2010 (August 16-August 22, 2010)

20. Son Dambi- Queen (down 1 spot)
19. Teen Top- Clap (down 3 spots)
18. 4Minute- I, My, Me, Mine (down 1 spot)
17. T.O.P. (Big Bang)- Turn It Up (down 2 spots)
16. Seo In Gook- Love U (down 2 spots)
15. BoA- Dangerous (up 3 spots)
14. Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls)- Bbi Ri Bba Bba (down 2 spots)
13. Miss A- Bad Girl, Good Girl (down 2 spots)
12. Orange Caramel- Magic Girl (down 2 spots)
11. MC Mong ft. Mellow- Sick Enough To Die (up 2 spots)
10. Tae Yang (Big Bang) ft. G-Dragon- I Need A Girl (down 2 spots)
9. f(x)- Mr. Boogie (down 3 spots)
8. Homme- I Was Able To Eat Well (new entry)
7. G.NA- I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better (down 2 spots)
6. BoA- Hurricane Venus (up 3 spots)
5. F. T. Island- Treasure (up 2 spots)
4. Super Junior- No Other (2 weeks still… at no.4; 4 weeks at no.1)
3. Infinite- She’s Back 2 weeks still… at no.3)
2. SHINee- Lucifer (2 weeks still… at no.2; 1 week at no.1)
1. Se7en- Better Together (2 weeks at no.1)

ZE:A- Level Up

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