100823 “Fake Girl” : Kim Heechul-SISTAR Dasom’s Late Night Date “Why?”

Becoming a hot issue in the world of singers through “PUSH PUSH” song, rookie girl group SISTAR will make a comeback with their 2nd single album “Fake Girl”

Especially for this title song which has the same name as the album “Fake Girl”, Kim Heechul from Super Junior will make an appearance in the music video, giving off an unsual charm and becoming an eye catcher.

On August 23 from the disclosure of paparazi pictures from music video’s filming, Kim Heechul and blonde hair SISTAR’s Dasom have tranformed into a loving couple. The scene looks like a scene from a secret late night date and gives off the feeling of getting caught, causing a curiousity among all netizens.

Meanwhile on August 25 SISTAR will start their activity again through the 1st SUPER SHOWCASE for the 2nd single album release celebration at OLLEHSQUARE in Gwanghwamun.

translated by ☆★pinkninja @sj-world.net
Take out with full credit and no additional credit

  1. so it mean that… they are just a loving couple in the scene or shows or mv right?
    not a real one right? m sorry for asking, my question may sound like a bit stupid, but hope u wont mind. heheh :)) thanks

    • princesskimheena
    • October 11th, 2010

    really envy with the girl..heechul oppa plz hold my hand too..n drive me back home…huk..huk..

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