Leeteuk Shindong Eunhyuk ‘SUJU circus troupe’ set up

Shindong posted a comical photo taken with SUJU members on his twitter.

Shindong published a photo onto his twitter on the 17th and added words like “Still not used to the time difference today, after being drunk I reckon my days and nights are going to be turned upside down, indeed beer is only a good thing at that moment~~ don’t drink too much Bonas circus troupe!!!”

In the picture, he and members Leeteuk, Eunhyuk stuck the little finger of their right hands into their nostrils together, even having smiles on their faces, looking really comical. The red, blue and yellow flowery costumes they wore also added to the humourous atomosphere. Fans saw the picture and laughed endlessly, even posting reviews like “Looks like I’ve walked into a fairytale kingdom”, “They are no doubt comical teenagers”.

Other than that, Super Junior successfully held their “Super Junior THE 3RD ASIAN TOUR: SUPER SHOW 3” at the Seoul Olympic stadium on the 14th and 15th of August, two days in a row. The third Asian tour started all-out from then onwards.

Source: Newsen
Korean > Chinese translation: 嘉敏@ sjfamily.cn
Chinese > English translation: bulletproof@ sj-world.net
Shared by: ♫卢美安♥@SJ-World.net

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