Hangeng admits he was troubled in SJ, hopes significant other to be someone outside the industry

After going solo, Hangeng came on yesterday(16 August)’s《Shen Chun Hua Life Show》to promote his latest album. He admits the past ‘SJ’ days were troubling, talking about future relationships, he hopes to be in a simple, pure relationship with someone outside of the industry.

Previously one of Super Junior’s members, Hangeng, after flying solo came to Taiwan to promote his newest album 《Geng Xin》yesterday (16 August), taking part in 《Shen Chun Hua Life Show》 programme recording. When asked by the host how he was able to resolutely make the decision to leave SJ, Hangeng said: “It is not due to one or two matters, I’m the kind of person who puts lots of matters in my heart and not voice it out, deciding to go solo is accumulated by many matters, I never wished to be a famous star, only wished to happily get along with members and staff.” Hangeng revealed that there was once due to problems with Korea’s law, he was restricted from being made known to the public for two years, there was also the problem about the public’s opinion. However Hangeng knew how to switch his feelings, turning his negative thoughts into positive thinking, during the time when he was restricted, Hangeng wore a mask on stage, Hangeng said: “I’m the only one wearing a mask, perhaps I can attract the audience’s attention even more easily!”

Before that, many Korean artistes committed suicide due to too much stress, Hangeng said: “At that time Korea reported saying those artistes said every day was troubling, I thought isn’t it the same as when I was in Super Junior?!” Hangeng told the host that he went to BeiJing to learn dance when he was 12, and went to Korea to develop (his career) when he was 19, spending long periods of time away from home. Hangeng talking about interacting with family slowly made the rims of his eyes turn red, while Shen Chun Hua took out a letter from home by Hangeng’s father, wanting to give Hangeng a surprise. Hangeng took a look and tears couldn’t stop falling, Hangeng said: “(feel) heartache that father works at other parts of the country and still has to look after grandfather and grandmother whose bodies aren’t well.” The production team even prepared a surprise, that is to let Hangeng contact his father through phone at the filming. Hearing his father’s voice, Hangeng smiled, while Hangeng’s father encouraged Hangeng to do a good job, repaying his fans at the other end of the phone, and also to look after his health well.

At the end of the show Hangeng generously confessed that he has been in two relationships, about his relationship views, Hangeng said: “Right now I’m releasing my new album, there’s also the concert, in future I hope to film movies, wish to steady my career first before talking about relationships.” He who currently doesn’t have a girlfriend also hopes that his future partner is someone outside of the industry and is able to have a simple pure relationship.

Source: ent.cn.yahoo.com
Translation: bulletproof@ sj-world.net
Thank you chunny for the heads up!

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