[NEWS] Super Junior and 1 Million Fans Unite At The Concert

Brilliant performance and stage appeal to the overwhelmingly charisma.

Men’s group, Super Junior charm everyone with a hot stage in front of thousand fans. The stage is sufficient to prove that they are a superstar in Asia and was the best.

At 3 pm, thousands of spectators gathered at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul in the middle of the third Asian Tour Concert with the show title called, ” Super Show 3″

Super Junior’s concert span over a 3 hour and performance include dance, ballads, ranging from lighthearted to a variety show. Fans responded with enthusiastic cheers, and this created the best concert ever.

‘The whole theater stage’ and ‘flying concert’ as a concept to narrow down the distance between the audience and the hero of the day, members of Super Junior’s! The spectacular laser show under the stage appearance reveals a brilliant side of the concert.

Starting off with Super Junior ‘Sorry sorry’ and followed with Super Junior-M ‘Supergirl’ and Super Junior-T ‘Rokkugo’ and went on stage. With a variety of creative outfits which is out of the world and according to a special opening greeting.

Super Junior after the ‘Don’t Don’ masculinity, etc. filled the stage, like you do not have another ‘confession’ to the sweet, romantic stage, lighthearted new song ‘No Other’ offers a delightful debut which offers such a colorful charm.

Clearly on the day of the concert, each Super Junior members show their individual’s personality on stage which have never been shown on air which offers another attraction.

Sungmin guitar solo on Ryeowook, ‘One Fine Spring Day’ unveiled the nice meaning of the song, Yesung’s Cinderella Sister OST, ‘ It Has To Be You’ were a popular demand. Heechul sang a duet with FX’s Sulli ‘The Way of Idol’s Breaking Up’. The highlight of it all is that there were sexy female dancers accompanying the boys.

The most enthusiastic cheers from the audience is the loudest when the Super Junior members were on stage singing to Single Ladies by Beyonce. They did a parody and dressed themselves in costumes and they dance perfectly and sexy while the fans were really entertained.

Right back on stage for an encore, the Super Junior boys wore a crafted costumes shaped in vegetable with distinctive appeal for the hopefuls. Mixing around with the audience, shaking hands with fans and said a lot of sincere words.

Super Junior” after their debut in December 2006 had been love by many fans. They promise to work hard without losing their original intention”, their closing speech.

To top it off they gave a gift to the fans which are the thousands of heart-shaped from the sky where it seems to be raining hearts.

Super Junior SS3 began their tour on 14 & 15 August and will followed by other cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Singapore and other parts of Asia making a total of 16 performances in 13 cities.

Source: Yahoo Korea
Translation and shared by Haziqah @ sjcouples

  1. i really like super junior…. i’ll die if they will leave showbiz……………..
    i love you hee chul….

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