[FANACCOUNT] Super Show 3 – SEOUL, part.2

Please pardon me for I don’t know how to make fanaccount. I only know how to spazz incoherently. I don’t know some of the songs or should I say I forgot the title. And, I didn’t see a stripping Kyu so I don’t have anything to say about that. I might be wrong on some parts too so please don’t expect too much. ^^ There were staffs near me so I wasn’t able to take photos or videos. I was able to record an audio of his solo though. Mianhe.

The stage was huge and closer to fans and I’m glad the boys maximized it. The opening was fantastic I must say, I don’t know how to explain the center stage aside from it has a rotating/lifting platform, they were inside this cage-like (?) cover and someone was lifted up in the air XD (not sure who was it coz I was busy looking for Kyu XD).

They performed Sorry, Sorry and Super Girl for the opening. If I’m not mistaken, both were different/new versions. They were wearing white suit.

Don’t Don – as you might already guess, Kyuhyun only appeared during his part.

No Other

Introduction – Pharaoh Kyu (He was enjoying the head swaying. LOL.)

*Missing part here.


Ryeowook’s Solo (Sungmin on guitar)

Kyuhyun’s Solo (Will upload the audio, I don’t know the song but some said it was SSK’s, if anyone knows, please let us know. Kyuhyun was wearing a black suit.)

Sungmin’s Striping XD – This was the biggest surprise for me. LOL. Maybe because I’ve never seen Sungmin doing stuff like this. But he got a nice body to show off anyway.

Siwon’s Praise Song XD – What will you expect from Siwon. Like what I’ve said to my friend. He’s a GOD who came down from heaven. XD

EunHae’s Stripping XD – OMG. Who wouldn’t wish to be that girl?

Heechul and Sulli of F(x) – Kkk. Hee, why can’t you be serious? You’re prettier than me! I remember he went to our area and danced to Abracadabra.

Shindong’s Solo – Oh, I always say this, Shindong is a very handsome guy. He lose weight.

*Funny VTR XD

SJT + Donghae

Song For You

Traxx – I didn’t expect it. They first appeared on the stage during the 1st half of the show, with Hee on the drums. Then, they had their solo performance.

HeeGaga XD – Love his red shoes!!!

Shindong, Eunhyuk and Donghae as Beyonce (Single Ladies) – Super funny!!!

*Missing part here

Shake It Up! Kyu was wearing red and he danced really well. I don’t know, maybe I’m hallucinating but he was always in front. LOL. The choreography was simple and I super love it!

Knock Out


Hate U Love U

KRY singing Coagulation. This is one of my fave song from the 4th album & hearing it live especially Kyu’s part was a dream came true. He’s voice is simply soothing.

KRYDS singing In My Dreams – Will upload the audio

For Kangin – Oh, It was so touching. I didn’t get it at first, they were like playing instruments but no actual instruments XD Off course, clarinet is for Kyu. Kangin wearing a white suit was being shown in the VTR.


All My Heart

Yesung’s Solo – The fans were shouting his name after his performance.


Bonamana – They are wearing black.

Man In Love


Dancing Out

*VTR (Animated SJ-Vegies)



You’re The One


Kyuhyun Random Moments:

I was near the extended stage, left side of the main stage. Kyuhyun went to our area 3-4 times. 😀 It was the first time I see him that close, really close. I never had the chance to hand-shake him though.

Ryeowook & Shindong came to our area and rode on a platform pushed by security staffs. LOL. While on the other side were Kyuhyun & Siwon, near the middle they exchanged places so Kyuhyun & Siwon proceed to our area. Kyuhyun stayed a bit longer in the stair before going down.

He was so touchy! LOL. He interacts with fans through hand shake. LOL.

KyuTeuk is back! He ran to Teuk and rode on his back (piggy-back) while swaying his feet. Poor Teuk, he was very tired after carrying Kyu! It was long, and other members did it too. But imagine Shindong, he carried Ryeo & Sungmin(?).

There were some KyuHyuk, KyuSung, KyuHae, KyuMin moments too. But KyuWon was just… they did many random stuff together. LOL. There was this moment when Siwon carried him on his shoulder and placed him down on the extended stage in our area when at first they were just playing the fire extinguisher(?) thing.

His shoelace was untied during encore. LOL. Just want to include that too.

Kyuhyun and Ryeowook went to our area and stayed a little bit longer. Happy me! 😀

Shindong was drinking water and saw by Kyuhyun. He opened his mouth and Shindong pour the water. XD How to explain this. But it was so bratty-Kyu!

Kyuhyun ducked on the stage and did an aegyo XD like a baby

He was a green pepper, a lazy green pepper. LOL. Well, it was so hard to walk wearing that heavy thing. He was doing a cute dance (that looked like a penguin dance).

Evil Kyu… Indeed! He was holding a bottle of water and went to our area. I knew he would do something evil, you can see it through his smirks. LOL. And yes, he splashed the water to the person (a girl) in front of me and simply ran away. XD

Because of this concert, I found a new friend. She’s a Ryeowook fan and both of us were in heaven because Kyuhyun & Ryeowook went to our area many times. BTW, the boys got a new haircut. ^^


credit: princekyu@sj-world.net

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