[FANACCOUNT] 100815 Super Show 3 – SEOUL

I don’t know what’s already been mentioned so like my usual accounts, this one will be super long as well. Please ignore if there are tons of repeated information.


– the concert started with a cheesy Yoo Young Jin song that had me cringing esp. when he started singing the boys’ names in an R&B style. But they looked super hot in the video so I could look past it. It was shot along the same lines as the ones for the SuShow 1 and 2. Tall buildings and the boys materializing one by one, except this time they were in black and no wings.

– Sorry Sorry concert remix was awesome. Started with Teukkie rising up from the dome in the centre and flying up all the way to the top of the stadium and when he started coming down, the dome rose slowly to reveal the members. They spread out across the stadium for the two verses and then came together in the middle for “Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry” jumping part.

– Super girl, Don Don were awesome. Heenim looked so at home on the drums, like a pro. Trax- a blonde(think Kyu Don Don era) Jungmo and Jay accompanied him and they were awesome! And Leader Teuk was amazing! He gives his 100% to everything and he was rocking out so hard. I was amazed given his aching bones and all. I have only love, respect and admiration for him. He jumped onto the stand right in the midst of the fans in standing<3. Then he and 3 other boys (think Ryeowook was one of them) had fireworks in each hand and they got elevated right to the top of the stadium. So cool!

– The members intro had them pretending to be from different countries. Heechul was first and he led the “We love you Kim hee chul. Milky skin Kim hee chul chant.” He was very satisfied with the crowd :D. Siwon was a matador and he kept trying to put his red cape over Kyu/Teuk/ Shindong. Kyu was so dorky as an Egyptian. He must really like that head shaking dance. He/ Heechul and Wookie kept doing it. Hyukjae was a tribal person(?) idk. Donghae came out with a huge hat and Hyukjae punched him and hit him with the hat. During his intro, he wanted to say more but the music cut him off. He was like n_n. Teukkie was from Dubai(?) and started speaking weird but the guys were like, “Cut if off and speak Korean.”

– No other. Right before the song they had a video clip of Teukkie and Sungmin sitting next to a kid and she gives them a balloon. Its an E.L.F sapphire blue balloon and they slowly blew it up and No other started. And OMG! Teukkie was flying over our heads with a huge basket and a bunch of sapphire blue balloons. My seat was in the last row so he got off literally in front of me <3. He was wearing his white angel sneakers and sparkly pants keke. At the end of the wire he got stuck and almost went backwards but the security guys luckily grabbed his legs :). He smiled and ran back out ❤

– Ryeowook’s One spring day was heavenly! I had chills. He did an acoustic-y version with Min on guitar who also played beautifully. Just Ryeowook’s clear voice filling the stadium in a sea of blue ❤

– Kyu sang a Sung Shi Kyung song and what else can I say besides the boy is perfect. He was in a black suit and looked so tall and handsome.

– There was no Teuk/Sungmin solo:( but Min danced to a song with 5 girls. I think this was already shared..anyway he was all over them, they were all over him 😛 It was entertaining to watch, especially for the screams from E.L.F haha.

– EunHae’s song.It had a “Boy is Mine” (Brandy/Monica song..anyone remember? haha) vibe with the two fighting over a girl I think. One part of the lyrics was Hyukjae telling Hae to “Get lost” (in English) haha. Anyway Hyuk sang and danced with the girl and back up dancers first and then Hae came in for the second verse and danced with the same girl. Then for the final part, both boys went to the center and the girl in the middle. Hyukjae ripped his wife beater and Hae threw open his shirt :P. As an EunHae fan, I was happy haha

– Siwon’s Christian song – all in English- was really good and he has a really strong presence. He just wore regular jeans but looked really cool. I forget what the lyrics were but at one part he went to the centre of the stage and it rose up.

Heechul performed with Krystal. I wonder how Sulli did yesterday cos Krystal was good tonight but I can’t picture Sulli singing. Anyway Heenim was of course Heenim. So charismatic. He got really close to Krystal while singing and ran his hand down her face (cue dramatic screams from fangirls) but he was just going along with the song’s story. Then he turned away and the rest of the song was Krystal singing with her hand on his shoulder (from the back).

– Shindong’s Champion was so much fun. We sang/danced along. He was doing karate kicks and what not.

Suju T video had Siwon in his Athena get-up (nice cross promotion :D) and the narration was like the Korean program rollercoaster (so funny). Anyway he sees EunHae fighting with swords and he goes to break them up. They see beautiful girl Heechul and Siwon scanning him is so funny! 😀 Then Shindong comes along. Siwon tries to shoot him with his gun but it doesn’t work. Teuk and Min were also girls I think so they get the same scan treatment from Siwon. They fight but it doesn’t work so Siwon plays Trot music on the cd player and they all start getting along and become a trot group. Siwon put on his shades and says “I’ll be back.”

– The SuJu T song was awesome. The boys all sounded so different cos they were singing really trot-y ahjusshi style but if you pay attention to the vocals they were amazing!! Teukkie, Heenim, Hyuk and Shindong – so proud of them. Anyway the song was so much fun- comic antics and funny dancing.

– Rokkugoh was performed only by SuJu T, I think. But after the song finished, the boys all lined up and raced for the stage. Hyukjae won and he was all excited shouting “I won!”

– You and I was one of my favorites because it had them all running around like kids.
The song for ELF by Yoo Young Jin again was actually good but the lyrics *cringe cringe* “My ELF. my girls, my angels” 😀

– Poker Face/Single Ladies… :o. Omg! Heechul in that wig and sunglasses, I thought I was going to die. He had on red shoes and fishnets and he came to the centre of the stage and sat down. Then he turned to our side and leaned back crossing his legs- that dress/skirt was short is all i can say!!

– ShinEunHae Single Ladies..the dresses were so tight and like leather. AND their wigs. Ah too much crazy! Hyukjae looked so embarrassed to be there in that get-up but of course, it didn’t get in the way of his dancing haha. They had like 1 inch heels and I wish I could dance as well lol.

– Then all four came together for crazy in love and were grinding/rolling/waving (I don’t know what its called) in a line! Oh god! My eyes! They ended with a kind of SNSD Oh! Leg pose and the camera zoomed in on Hyuk’s embarrassed face. He was almost falling over trying to bow his head! As soon as the lights dimmed they started running back to the stage but because we were closest to the main stage we could still see them. EunHae were girly- like covering their butts/tugging at their skirts and running. Heechul was way behind them all so he was left alone. but he just full on ran – arms swinging without a care for his skirt; wig and sunglasses still on- we could just see his bright red shoes! Only heenim would do that ^^

My favorite new performance of the night – Shake it off (remix). I LOVED the choreography. The moves itself looked simple but from the sides where we sat, I was amazed by how the boys move. They are so well trained- they don’t even have to look to see where they are supposed to be but they’re all perfectly aligned and in sync. And this song had SO MANY formations!I have a feeling Hyuk/Donghee/Hae might have chorographed it I loved the part where Hyukjae danced in the front and the first three boys would follow him, then he moved to the next trio and they followed and then same with the next trio. It’s hard to describe :S

They weren’t flawless like Teukkie going a beat slower, Hae getting confused etc. but to me, it was perfect!

Twins <33333. That dance break needs to be a SuJu single! Seriously, the beat was amazing and fresh and the dance moves too!

– Yesung’s solo! I’m so happy for him. I am sure he felt very loved! He was the only one who got his name chanted after finishing his solo and you could tell as he was singing that he was touched by the fans. Its one of my favorite songs and he was flawless. He made the fans sing along too ❤

All my heart ❤ Teukkie was so proud^^ When the song was starting, he kept asking ‘Who wrote this song?” Siwon came over and sang to us and made so many hearts ❤ Teukkie was just sitting in front of the people in standing section near us. He looked like a little kid, feet dangling happily and during his “won’t let you go part” he stomped his foot ❤

– The video before Bonamana was super hot!! Hyukjae was dancing, Heenim at a photoshoot, Kyu just calmly walking in front of the paparazzi smirking away and Wookie in the car getting ready to face the paparrazi- all in black and the background music was really good!

– Galjeung/You were amazing. No words needed. It’s so funny watching Heechul dancing. He does like every second step but still looks so calm! keke

– Dancing out! They ran everywhere. Heechul, Eunhyuk, Teukkie, Siwon, Ryeowook were all in front of us at some point. Kyu did the “That’s cool” part right in front of my eyes 😀 he was so happy when all the fans did it together with him ^^

– Cooking Cooking was them dressed as vegetables. The VCR was soo cute! The boys are all cartoon vegetables and the baby wants to eat them but the mom throws them out in the garbage so they’re all crying. And then Hyuk-veggie walks by all shiny and fit so the rest get inspired to work out haha. Some are skipping/running/doing bench presses, Shindong’s swimming, Siwon’s tanning etc. but Heechul’s getting a massage ^^

– Anyway they came out in costumes. Hyukjae was a Korean melon and OMG! His costume was the funniest. There were so many melons hanging from him and he even had a melon headband LOL

– Heechul was a chilli pepper and he stayed in front of our section. He almost tripped on the bottom part of his costume cos it was so long! Shindong was a mushroom(?) he had to walk so slowly and had trouble climbing stairs 😀

At the end I think Hyukjae fell on the floor and then, Hae, Yesung, Shindong, Teukkie piled on top of him. They sang the “save me” part from the lyrics.

– When the song ended, someone was like, “Help me up!” haha.

– They sang You are the One walking all over the place but no tears today.

– Then at the end, they said thanks and Teukkie asked the guys to speak in different languages. Siwon spoke in Chinese and all the fans responded so Teuk was like “really? Are you sure you understood him?” Sungmin talked in Japanese and again Teuk was like “Did he really speak correctly? ELF is smart” Then Hyukjae said he’d speak Thai of course haha. Siwon again spoke in English <333 and then Teukkie asked Hyukjae to speak in some language and Hyukjae was grinning and shy so Teuk said, “If you don’t know it, just say I can’t” and Hyuk cutely said, “I….can’t”

– The boys were joking around saying that “today’s concert is better than yesterday’s. It’s more fun. There are more people.” And Hae goes “There are more beautiful girls today” *grins proudly* and Teuk’s like “there are also many ‘minams’(pretty boys).” Shindong was walking back towards them and Teukkie was pointing to him saying , “You, I’m talking about you! Minam!” haha

There were many fans who also came yesterday so Teukkie was like, “We told you yesterday not to tell others about the surprises in the show but it was all showed on the entertainment news already, right?” LOL

– They said goodbye and thanks. One of the boys started going “Encore Encore” as the lights dimmed and they were walking back so the rest started scolding him saying it was for the fans to say^^

– Final encore- Wonder Boy- they came out with the dry ice tanks and it was madness after that. Hyukjae’s tank ran out so he was walking around without one. Siwon spurted ice on Donghae and Hyuk happily watched, and then walked off. But Siwon followed him and spurted so much ice on him, he was on the floor haha.

ah..wrote so much. Part II is just a collection of random moments and will probably be short!!keke

credits: JunEunHae<3@soompi

    • kyusneezes
    • August 16th, 2010

    could you tell me which part of the stage kyu stand during his solo? hehehe…

    • oh my~ sorry i’m forgot! -.-”
      i don’t know where’s he when he’s doing solo ~ sorryy….

  1. August 16th, 2010

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