[FANACCOUNT] 100815 Super Show 3 – SEOUL, part.2

continued from here

Part II:

Mostly things that the boys did but I can’t remember what song it was:

I think during “You and I”, they made Siwon go to the center stage and Teukkie ran from the front stage into his arms and Siwon carried him. So Hae also went up and stood in front and Yesung started running towards him but right before he reached Hae, he bent down like he was picking something up :D.
Hae also moved over and called out to Hyukjae who came racing down and Donghae carried him. Hyukjae tried to do sit ups but Hae wasn’t strong enough so the two fell over.LOL
Teuk did the same with Siwon but of course Horse is so strong so they were successful.

Then Kyu came over and told Teukkie to get on his back and he literally piggy backed him one entire round of the stadium <333333333333 Maknae and hyung love. It was so cute. Finally Kyu put him down on the center stage and fell flat on the ground so Teukkie was pretending to pump his heart. aww!

At the same time Siwon was piggy backing Hyukjae on the main stage. After he was done, he told Hyukjae to carry him and was getting ready but I think, Hyuk fell over.

I can’t remember correctly but I think Shindong was also piggybacking Heenim ^^

Then they all came to the center of the stage and Sungmin looked like he really wanted to get Teukkie’s attention keke Teukkie was busy interacting with fans but finally he saw Sungmin and the two linked arms and spun in circles. It was so good to see Min looking happy<3

After their intros, some of the boys had these weird trenchcoats on. The shoulder part was really hard so if they knelt down their head would disappear. So the boys kept running around and another member would pretend to knock them on the head and they’d duck. So cute!

EunHae love-hate as always. In the Suju T song, they sang to each other but right after they were kicking each other’s butts.

Teukkie is such a good hyung. Even during dance songs like Sorry Sorry/Bonamana whenever he finishes his part and has to go back he shakes hands with his members or pats them on the back <3.

During SuJu T, ChulHyuk were dancing together but this time, Hyukjae was the girl and Heenim was twirling him around ^^.
Donghae is so cute. He took a shirt from a fan while he was singing and put it on his chest, with the sleeves on his shoulder and walked around for a bit 😀

During one of the songs, YeHyuk were in the front stage and Hyukjae did some popping moves and then tagged Yesung, who launched into his own crazy popping but he kept going so Hyukjae just left him behind and walked away haha.

Ryeowookie is so nice. He was singing and walking along our section but fans kept throwing stuff like towels and shirts and he caught them all, while singing and never missed a beat ^^. He also picked up a flower from Heechul’s petals.

I think the section I was sitting in was a Chinese fans section cos OMG! There were soooo many Chinese Heechul fans. They all had his fanclub towels and one of the standing areas too- was all from the same fanclub. Heechul was really happy to see them and he stopped and looked at them all, clapped and bowed. He was carrying a bag that had his “Hee” character on it ^^. There was a male fan with a big pen or some kind of toy. Heechul came over and took it from him 🙂
Sungmin was walking around happily and he noticed a girl dressed like some kind of insect. I dunno what she was but she had the costume and her entire face was either a mask or painted black. But he got so excited so he called the camera man over to film her ^^.

The boys came really close to the fans a lot. Hyukjae, Teukkie, Heenim all sat in front of the fans and sang.

Whenever they came over they’d teach the fans some kind of dance move or wave and make everyone follow. Or just shout “Jump Jump!” haha.

Siwon fell down towards the end. 😦 I think the hole thing through which they can come up from under the stage wasn’t closed properly so he fell on his back. He was wearing a vest so his chest was exposed so he just lay on the floor for a while and then he suddenly got up, threw off his vest and jumped around shirtless till the song ended haha.

At the end of the show, the boys confirmed that there would be an encore concert again in Seoul, after the tour! They walked around the stadium reading fan signs and there were some KangTeuk and EunHae ones too haha.Then all the members were supposed to say a final message and whoever didn’t do well would get punished.

But before that, Siwon was fooling around with the ice machine so the boys were all like, “Siwon, you’re so cool! Just for the fans, do something special.”
Siwon agreed, “Fine I’ll pretend to be Godzilla” and so Donghae was supposed to spray the ice on him from behind when he roared or something. So Siwon was stomping around preparing to roar but Hae sprayed him 😀 and then innocently went, ‘Sorry, it was accident. Let’s do it again.” And Siwon’s like, ‘No” but the boys kept being like, its for the fans!
Teukkie told him to say ‘I love you’ this time so he agreed and started saying ‘I love..” but Donghae sprayed him again hahaha.

Next was Donghae’s turn to give his message. While he was speaking, Teukkie motioned for all the boys to move back to the center of the stage so when Hae finished speaking he was the only one standing there. And all the boys starting cheering “Punishment”. So Hae got ready to get sprayed but Shindong brought the spray to the front, under his face and happily yelling “Kang Shim jang” sprayed Fishie :D.

Heenim was next and he was muttering some words and randomly goes “God bless you” (in English ^^) so all the boys were like, “but!” and he said something like “I don’t believe in god but many people believe in me!”
Anyway it was decided that he would have to get punished too so he hesitantly came forward but the machine ran out of ice so Heechul was so happy. He was like “See! Even you want to spray me, it can’t happen”

Then I think it was Yesung speaking but he was relaxed cos the machine was out of ice but Hae quickly ran to the back and got a water bottle and they poured some water on him.

Kyuhyun’s turn, he kept looking back nervously at the boys and they were like “Why are you getting suspicious? There’s no water.” But when he finished they tried to spray water on him. He ran away and thinking he had escaped, he turned back but right at that moment, Hyukjae (I think) sprayed water on to his face(from his mouth!!) LOL Kyu looked so depressed, he fell on the floor and stayed there, not believing it happened to him 😀
Siwon’s turn to speak. He also kept looking back and said something like “I will just say one thing. Wo ai ni, Ai mini coopereru, I love you, Ti amo, Saranghamnida” ^^ and got sprayed.

Hyukjae walked away from the boys to the front and feeling confident gave his speech. He thanked their families and other celebrities for coming to the show etc. Then the boys poured water on his head but he had a hat on so it wasn’t that bad. But then ShiHae (I think) turned him around and both spat water right onto his face. LOL.He fell over on the floor and then Donghae kicked him too! So much EunHae abuse 😀

Lastly, it was Leader Teuk’s turn and he said that he knew what would happen and was prepared for it. But I felt so bad for him! He looked like a little cold baby as the boys poured a bottle of water on his head and all sprayed him, he was like “ahhh cold” and shivering <33
Anyway, I also wanted to say how impressed/amazed I am by him! Super Junior is such an amazing group cos he leads them so well by example. When he’s dancing, he puts all his energy into it (Don Don thrusts right in front of us LOL) and when he’s not, he tries to get the audience pumped up by running around/jumping/ shaking hands/hugging. Anything and everything he can to make the show better for the fans, he will do it. I seriously was afraid for him. He just jumped right into the crowd and everyone was just grabbing at him. He looked so tiny and yet he never lost his smile and went right over to the next section.

Ah and of course, seeing Kangin was <33. The segment was so beautifully done. It started with KRY + Sungmin sitting down and they were playing imaginary musical instruments and they set up these huge frames so somehow with the projection, it looked like Kangin was behind them, helping them play. Then all the boys came and they were like an orchestra..so beautiful ❤

Jang Geun Suk came today!He always comes to support Heenim 🙂
oh and some fans said some Soshi girls came today too (can anyone confirm this?)
Ohh and I touched Hyukjae and Kyu’s hand!AGAIN! Yay!!!!!!!

credits: JunEunHae<3 @soompi

    • muzyc3737
    • August 21st, 2010

    thanks for sharing….
    ooh… ~~ as i read all the above, i feel like i can see every images of it already… thanks,..
    i can feel the love ELfs have for our oppa SJ… n how much our oppa love us back…
    oppa oppa, hwaiting…

    thanks for sharing.. you’re so lucky…… XD

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