100814 Happee Sy assures Super Show 3 in Philippines one of the grandest concerts

After concluding tonight’s 1st Super Show 3 in Seoul, countries confirmed for Super Show 3 are preparing for their own momentum as the grandest concert will take in their respective lands.

Having said that, an organizer from Philippines, who attended tonight’s SS3 in Seoul said in her facebook account that..

‘the stage will be bigger this coming ss3. so no need to panic. all good seats, even sides and upper a and b would be great seats. for those who cant save enough for the front seats, ok lang yun, as long as you’re in there, wherever you are seated.. you will have fun.. it is the power of elfs that makes it fun. 🙂 it is the whole ambiance and party mode.. basta just make sure you’re in there. hahah :)’

She also stated this:

Info: Happee Sy is one of PULP’s organizer last SS2 Manila, and they are the one who will organize next years’ Super Show.

Super Show 3 Manila is scheduled on February 26, 2011.

So Filipino ELFs prepare!!

Original Source: Happee Sy’s Official Facebook Account
Credit to: shaynekay @ dkpopnews.net

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