100813 Hangeng shows up at a fan meeting

Hangeng shows up at a fan meeting, not knowing lawsuit’s progress and thanking previous company

Asia’s popularity king Hangeng landed in Shanghai, joining hands to promote 华语音乐电台动感101*, and holding his press conference which was open to fans. Although the lawsuit with his previous company hasn’t finished, but Hangeng who had just released his new album after going solo appeared to be in a good mood, stating that he’s very relaxed right now.

Hangeng’s lawsuit and contract termination with his previous company is still in progress, the outcome hasn’t been fully decided yet. When asked about how the lawsuit is going, he states that he himself has no idea, “I don’t know a thing, and everything is dealt with by my lawyer, but he doesn’t tell me. Now I’m busy here and there, I don’t know what he intends to do. I myself only usually go on websites to check on some news, saying ‘ah, how could it be like that, I didn’t even know that myself.’.” Speaking on his times in Super Junior, Hangeng says that he gained a lot of experience from it, “At that time I had nothing, and the company was helping me all the time, even till now I am very thankful to my company. At that period of time, in terms of experience and some other things, it’s all good to me; there’s nothing bad about them. Now, what’s changed is my work environment, and the staff around me, they’re all my good friends, we’ve been working with each other for more than 10 years now, so we get along well working together, so the situation now is definitely different from the past, but I feel very relaxed now.”

It is reported that on August 14th a fan meeting will be held in Shanghai International Gymnastic Center with “Geng Xin” as the theme, implying Hangeng’s new beginning, from the heart. This emphasizes Hangeng’s development in musical styles, singing abilities and dancing. Other than that, during the fan meeting, the interactive games segment will close the distance between Hangeng and his fans. Apart from allowing fans to be closer to Hangeng, there is also a chance (for fans) to receive a secret present that Hangeng had specially prepared.

*famous radio show

Source: sina
Shared by chunny @ sj-world.net
Picture shared by ☆★pinkninja @ sj-world.net
Translated by ☆G민!☂ @ sj-world.net
Edited by eternalsnow @ sj-world.net
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