Chicken CF with Greatest Effect

Whose Chicken CF Has The Greatest Effect On People?
In the past, we’ve seen various chicken CFs endorsed by Korean celebrities – in fact, chicken CFs seem to be the type of CFs that we most often encounter in Kpop! So it would be no surprise that a survey was recently carried out asking the question “Which model’s effect would best work on you to purchase chicken after seeing his/her CF?” See the results under the cut.
Comedian Yoo JaeSuk came in first place with a whopping 46% of votes from the public. His CFs for Nene Chicken left netizens impressed. Some commented, saying “He has this charm that attracts people“, and “Don’t know why but Yoo Jaesuk has this credibility in him if he does a CF“.

In second place came, SNSD, proving that the power of nine could really do wonders. Their CFs for Goobne Chicken garnered 20.3% of votes. BBQ Chicken’s endorser Shin SeKyung received third place while Super Junior followed closely behind in fourth. 2AM made fifth place with their endorsement for BHC Chicken.
Others that came on the list were SS501’s Kim HyunJoong, KARA, BEAST, T-ara, SHINee, Younha, Hwang JungEum, and Secret.

Credit: Quainte

cr : myeveryhae

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