100810 Heechul mentioning Kyuhyun on Youngstreet [Transcript]

Heechul: Now I’m also sunburnt, because of the shooting in China, it’s too sunny… Our staff workers are all sunburnt… but, don’t close-up on the camera… if not I’ll go out and break the remote control…

Heechul: Yesterday (I) went drinking with Boa & Kyuhyun… Kyuhyun said a lot… (He) said that during his injury period in the accident, everyone came to accompany him, he was very happy, but when he has something happy to share, it seems like there’s no one around him to be happy with… So I told him when (he’s) happy, being alone is happy, being with strangers is also happy, so it doesn’t matter anymore, but I’ve also been in an accident before, being hospitalised, I know what’s the feeling of lying in the hospital alone.. So don’t mind too much… We actually chatted a lot… but (there’s) limited time, so (I’ll) just mention these… I’m often with Donghae now, in the future (I) will also dote more on kyuhyun. The last song of today (let’s) listen to Kyuhyun’s <7 years of love>.

Heechul: Program is ending soon, I still have to do recording with Jungmo and others…. Of the whole world, Heechul dominates! YS daebak!

Source: here

Korean to chinese translation: 梦希 @ 百度金希澈吧80后花瓣部落YS直播组
Chinese to english translation: ~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-World.net

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