100809 SJM’s Comeback?

Zhou Mi Hints Super Junior M’s Comeback?
After Super Junior K.R.Y. wrapped up their recent Japan showcase, looks like another Super Junior sub-unit is to follow on promoting their own activities.
Super Junior M’s Zhou Mi recently posted on his Sina Weibo (the Chinese Twitter) account this impressive fan art of him during the Me and Super Girl days, along with a very interesting message:

You guys definitely are talented/have the talent, made for me a cartoon character of myself in first and second album, (it is) so cute~~ Everyone please wait for a while, Super Junior-M will meet you all/everyone handsomely with the third album~[I]

With the group’s leader, Hangeng, in conflict with SM Entertainment, a lot of fans are worried about Super Junior M’s future. But it looks like the group is to pursue their activities soon. Now let’s just keep calm and wait for SME’s official statement on this.

Source: Zhou Mi’s Sina Weibo
Translation By: minoko2440@sapphirepearls.com
Credits to: theshangkee@kpoplive.com
Shared by: ~♥CHU@myeveryhae
Please take out with full credits.

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