100802 《Youth Melody》cast information

Leo Ku as Wang Yu Hang
Zhou Mi as Gao Da
Heechul as Shen Tai Yi

Yang yang as Yu Hao
Wu Hao Kang as Liao Bo Han
Jiang Meng Jie as Pu Xiao Tang
Ma Su as Dong Qian Qian
Huang Sheng as Tian Hui

Zhou Mi as Gao Da:

Age 23, son of a rich family, during university days he had the habits of a typical finely dressed child. After graduation, he decided to pick his own job and start a career as he didn’t want to be looked down by his father. After countless failures and obstacles, he finally understood his ancestors’ hardships and aimed to work hard to become a successful entrepreneur. In the show, his character stands out the most, has the biggest contrast and brings humour into the show.

Heechul as Sheng Tai Yi:

24 years old, professional gamer, was invited to China to attend a gaming competition by Pu Xiao Tang’s company, raised in a Korean family, has many elder sisters, is the only male in the family. Keeps traditional family habits while in China: Thrifty, polite, when asked he would introduce himself as a farmer’s child, and that the family farms for a living. Builds friendship with Pu Xiao Tang through every squabble, and eventually starts to woo Pu Xiao Tang. After realising that Wang Yu Hang also likes Pu Xiao Tang, decides to compete fairly with him.

When Wang Yu Hang’s company bumped into obstacles, he was the first one to help out, till then did everyone realise, this unattractive “Korean farm boy” was actually heir to the position as Korea’s biggest farm manager.

Source: Zhou Mi Baidu Bar
Translation: bulletproof@ sj-world.net

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