100804 Filipino boy group XLR8 is ‘Sorry Sorry’ they copied Super Junior?

Philippines is one of kpop’s biggest market, with many singers and groups including Philippines as a destination for a promotional tour. With that being said, it is not usual for a kpop act to be a top selling act in Philippines.

A Filipino group, who goes by the name of XLR8 debuted earlier this year in March with their debut song You’re So Hot. Although XLR8 had received a warm welcome to the music scene with their debut track, they had been also receiving a lot of criticism for the similarities between You’re So Hot and Super Junior‘s Sorry Sorry.

Many fans had criticized XLR8′s debut song as a replica of Sorry Sorry while many Pinoy fans defended their ‘first pretty boy’ group.

One user from YouTube said,

Originality may not exist in this world but at least don’t make it too obvious that u’re copying someone else i.e Super Junior Sorry Sorry….

While one Pinoy fan defended XLR8,

KPOP copy too you know.. it’s not just them..

and if you guys have read something about kpop copying other hollywood singers.. you’ll be like. “aww it’s okay. i still love them. blah2x” and here they are XLR8 our very own boy group, filipinos like all of you guys, instead of loving them, you guys are hating on them for copying… you guys are not korean.. you’re filipinos. why not just go to korea and live there.. i love kpop too but i know how to love filipino music, copied/original.

To make matters worst, the group’s self-titled album cover art was viewed as a replica of Super Junior‘s third album (Sorry Sorry), with many expressing the similarities between the two covers and two groups.

There has been no official statement from SM Entertainment regarding XLR8, so let’s not accuse anyone of plagiarizing.

Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry dominated Asia and Philippines was no exception; Super Junior’s third album was the first Korean act to reach the Philipines #1 position last year.

Has XLR8 been inspired by Super Junior? Have your say!

credit: phil@hellokpop
shared by kinnyyLEE @ shiningbluey

    • jenknight18
    • August 5th, 2010

    this is embarassing 100X

    • nana
    • August 5th, 2010

    what i want to say about this??huh…i didn’t like it very very much…and i never like it..i mean XLR8

    • MinCess_pinkz26
    • August 6th, 2010

    BWESIT na XLR8 toh..GAYA-GAYA sa SUJU.. magbago na nga kau!!!
    hndi man lng kayo nahiya kung gaano kasikat ang ginaya nyo..hmmp!


    • chokyu
    • August 8th, 2010

    copycats.. they even said SJ look like horse.. what the hell..

    • rena
    • January 14th, 2011

    maganda lahat

  1. putang inang XLR* yan gaya gaya

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