100803 Hangeng’s exclusive interview on album’s behind the scene

Hangeng’s first album since going solo <庚心> is already in the market since July, with strong production and hot sales; and 2 sold-out concerts, in which Hangeng cried. On the 4th of August, at 3pm, Hangeng will be doing an exclusive on Sina, talking about the road after going solo, as well as the behind the scenes of the album production. Netizens are welcome to watch.

Hangeng’s first album <庚心> consists of 10 songs, with production costs over millions, and also flying all the way to America to choreography the dance steps with Michael Jackson’s crew for the cover song; and worked with the Chinese music industry top-dogs like Yuan Wei Ren, Ah Di Zai, Vincent Fang, Cao Xuan Bin and Zheng Nan ; a crew of 30 people were also involved in the filming of the MV in America, New Zealand and Korea, which repeatedly used a helicopter to capture the scenery around the place, in order to bring out the quality and vibrancy of the area.

The efforts Hangeng put inside the production of <庚心> in evident, and together with the meticulous production of the concert and album, we can see Hangeng is indeed giving his all.

Source: here
Shared by: Chunny@sj-world.net
Translated by: ミ mholic ★ @sj-world.net
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