100802 Super Junior K.R.Y Concert [Fanaccount]

First Concert

1. During Kyuhyun’s SOLO Japanese song, he forgot the lyrics and missed the tempo at the start, and started to “keke” after singing. The laughter is really very charming, and he restart the song.

2. When Ryeowook was singing the Japanese song with KRY, he forgot the lyrics at the start too and Kyuhyun was saying “It’s ok” to him (Seemed to be consoling Wook, but he is just happy that someone else made mistake too)

3. During VCR, he said he like pure and innocent girls, and the crowd went crazy. He also said he like to watch television.

4. When Donghae and Sungmin went up stage, Kyuhyun and Sungmin were hugging each other, and when Kyuhyun got off stage, he whacked Sungmin’s ass and did a “punching” action to Donghae in slow motion, and hit Hae’s shoulder.

5. Donghae wasn’t clear when he speaks Japanese and Kyuhyun spoke Chinese “Da Jia Hao (hello everyone)”.

6. When they were sitting down waiting for the MC, Wook and Yesung were sitting normally but Kyuhyun has his back facing the audience. Then we realised because he has his ‘cheat-note’ with him and was ‘revising’. He treat his ‘cheat-note’ very preciously, and stuff it inside his pocket after using it. He even used it to teach Yesung. When the MC asked what is written inside the note, Yesung says “secret~”

7. Kyuhyun and Ryeowook were acting cute, shaking their butts but Kyuhyun had his head down and feeling embarrassed/ unwilling. Then Yesung came over and kissed Wook’s face but Kyuhyun has walked away already.

8. Not sure it is during which song, but Kyuhyun’s expression is super cute, wriggling his eyebrows etc.

Second Concert
1. When HaeMin went up stage, Kyuhyun hi-fived with Sungmin and whacked his butt again.

2. During the song that they 5 of them sang, when Kyuhyun was facing Donghae to sing, he almost LOL. Then he turned and faced Sungmin to sing.

3. Yesung said he wanna date with everyone present, one day one. Kyuhyun said “Then won’t you have to spend 15 years?” and everyone laughed. KyuWook apologized to everyone for Yesung’s ‘misbehaviour’.

4. After Donghae speaks his Japanese with the help of his notebook, it is Sungmin’s turn but he got stuck. Then the fans went crazy, telling him hwaiting etc. Then Sungmin was smiling on stage, raise his hands and everyone kept quiet, then he continue but got stuck with the words again. Then Kyuhyun took out his ‘cheat-note’ and showed him but Sungmin ignored him. Then Kyuhyun put the cheat note back to his pocket. Whenever Sungmin got stuck with his words, Kyuhyun keep taking out his cheat-note.

5. When the 3 of them were sitting down, Wook took a towel and helped Kyuhyun to wipe his sweat. After wiping, Wook smelled the towel and gave a disgusted expression. Then Kyuhyun grabbed the towel and wiped himself, from the face to the neck, and even wipe his body. After wiping, he threw the towel on stage. Ryeowook climbed down his chair and picked the towel up and put it inside his clothes. Then I think Wook also realised something is wrong. He took out the towel and threw it to the back.

8. When singing The One I Love, Kyuhyun came up the stage like going for beauty peagant, waving his hand.

7. The MC made a mistake. Because KyuWook had spoken too much earlier on, the MC forgot the Yesung hasn’t speak at all and immediately says that they are going to continue singing. Yesung jumped down from his chair and points at the MC, as if saying “you.. you…”

Credit: 百度曺圭贤吧
SOURCE: 多动儿姨母 / Super Junior FB Fan Page [http://www.facebook.com/notes/super-junior/kry-concert-kyuhyun-biased-fan-account/416227751863#!/pages/SUPER-JUNIOR/118984528935?ref=ts]
English translation: minoko2440 @ sapphirepearls.com
May take out with full credits
Shared by:kashigal@EuropeanELFs

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