100801 K.R.Y Concert – Donghae’s Fanaccount

Although the venue is the same as last year, but the stage is decorated until it looked very highclass, with red curtains and crysallic lights, it looked very pretty.

After KRY sang 3 songs, Lee Donghae appeared. KRY stand on stage while Donghae stood alone at somewhere higher to rap. On the first concert, he wore blue checkered shirt and jeans, on the second one, he wore a black suit with a black V-neck shirt inside, plus black sunglasses, looking really hot!!!

When he appeared on stage, he spin and when he appeared, everyone was screaming super loud.

During Solo
During Donghae and Sungmin’s solo, he was wearing a black suit with white printed shirt, and light colored pants. Sungmin was wearing light colored suit with Tee, and jeans. When Sungmin was singing, Donghae was giving him thumbs up. When Donghae was singing, Sungmin ALSO gives him the thumbs up.

When Donghae was singing, because the song has many drums part, he imitate beating of drums, looking mega cute!

After they sang 2 more songs, it is their self-intro. Because KRY already did their self-intro earlier on, it is only MinHae’s self-intro. Sungmin said he is Sungmin, missed everyone etc.

Donghae says “Hello everyone, I’m Lee Donghae” and everyone was screaming wildly~ Our Donghae wanna be nice and say that he missed everyone but he keep saying it wrongly. Then he has no choice but to run over to Sungmin’s side to ask him. Sungmin taught him twice, and finally he get it. Then after he says finish, he added cutely “Japanese is really very difficult”

After they sang, Yesung said thanks to MinHae and Sungmin just hold onto Donghae’s hand and pulled him down the stage (cause their turn is over). Donghae had a “I-Wanna-Be-Here-On-Stage-A-While-More” expression on his face.

On the second concert, during self-intro, Kyuhyun had a ‘cheat-note’ with him while Donghae…. He took out a black notebook from his pocket and start to read from it… Read very smoothly.

After Donghae said a whole bunch of stuffs, it is Sungmin’s turn. But after saying the first part, Sungmin forgot what to say and our generous Donghae ‘lend’ Sungmin his notebook.

At the first concert, after MinHae went down stage, we realised that Donghae forget to off his mic. Although he wasn’t on stage, everyone can still hear Donghae’s voice.

During the last part (thanks), all 5 of them appeared on stage, and they bowed for very long. Donghae was super polite, shaking hands with every member of the band.

Credit: 百度李东海&ELFISH
English translation: minoko2440 @ sapphirepearls.com
Take out with full credits and do NOT ADD YOURSELF TO THE CREDITS

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