Charice’s favorite songs, Interview by Cyworld BMG

Cyworld BGM (Boys & Girls love Music) meets Philippine Star girl Charice

SBS’s show Star King has featured the surprising explosive singing of a young Filipino girl. Don’t you remember? The girl’s name is Charice Pempengco (Sharice Pempingko). After the market success of her debut album in the U.S. Billboard charts, she is now becoming a star and is back in Korea.
We spoke to Charice in the dressing room while waiting for the taping of ‘Kim Jung-eun’s Chocolate’.

BGM: Charice, Hi. We are Cyworld BGM, the no.1 online music service in Korea. Will you please say hello to your fans, Charice?
Charice Pempengco (Charice): Well .. I’m so glad to be back here. (Laughter.) South Korea is the country that means a lot to me, and I think another home. Every time I come here I really want to thank everyone.

<some parts omitted>

BGM: Charice, tell us your other favorite artist’s music. What are some of your favorites?


◦‘Crawl’ by Chris Brown. I do not know much about the lyrics, but I like the way Chris sings it – feeling kind of melody, it’s a sad song.
◦‘Not Afraid’ by Eminem. The reason.. I love Eminem! (Laughter.)
◦‘I Swear’ by All 4 One. One of the most romantic songs I’ve ever heard.
I could not possibly think even more. It’s my story. (Laughter.) And..

◦Jay-Z & Alicia Keys ‘Empire State Of Mind’. Jay-Z is a great rapper and I think a great producer. I’ve met Jay-Z, I thought he was very humble and friendly. Personally, I pray that I can meet Beyonce, too, some day.
◦Eminem again. ‘Love The Way You Lie’ with Rihanna.
◦And my No.1 Beyonce’s ‘Halo’.
Why… I think these are my favorite songs until I die.
◦Oh and one more can I say? Super Junior’s ‘Sorry Sorry’. The composer who wrote the song is my friend, Drew Ryan Scott, the song’s English version.


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