100727 Shindong “Because of Sungmin’s mom, i got caught by my own mom about my bonus’

Group Super Junior’s member Shindong shared that there was an incident where he faced touble because of the member’s moms friendship.

On “Bae Gi Wan, Choi Young Ah, Jo Hyung Gi’s Good Morning” which was aired on the 27th Shindong and the other Super Junior members made an appearance on the show and Shindong shared “어our mothers meet up frequently, and thats where my secrets get exposed”.

The members parents know all their news even before them, that is how close they are. However that is also how they find out things which they arent supposed to know.

Shindong said ”Usually, its my parents who takes care of my bank account, but one day the company gave me a bonus” . “I thought the other members use bonuses like as if its pocket money, but i found out all of them gave it to their parents”.

Also, Shindong said “I already used up all the bonus, but after my mom had one call with Sungmin’s mom she asked me ‘where’s the bonus’” This caused a laughter.

On the other hand, on this day. Hangeng, who declared to withdraw from Super Junior plagiarized and brought attention to many people.

Translation: teukiebiased @Sapphirepearls
Shared and Reuploaded by: Zunjiwu @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Take out with credits. DO NOT HOTLINK! You reupload it by your own!

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