100727 Han Geng is expected to meet Malaysian fans in September

Super Junior-M’s former group leader Han Geng’s solo album 《Geng Xin》, will be released in Malaysia on the 10th of August, and the nation-wide pre-orders will begin on the 27th of July. In addition, Han Geng himself is expected to meet his fans in Malaysia in September.

Although Han Geng is experiencing a contract dispute, it did not damage his extreme popularity in the Asian music industry. On the 22nd of June this year, Han Geng made a high-profile announcement of his comeback, and received the backing from a record company that costs 3.5 million RMB (about RM 1.75 million) to create a brand new album and style; 《Geng Xin》will be released simultaneously in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other places on the 27th of July. A specially imported Taiwan version of the album is slated for official release in all major music stores in Malaysia on the 10th of August. Han Geng will be doing album promotions in Singapore in September, and the Malaysian/Singaporean recording company which Han Geng belongs to, Global Music, will actively seek him to make a stop in Malaysia, and meet with the “Geng Fans” in Malaysia which he has not seen in a while.

Between 27th July to 10th August, there will be a nationwide pre-order period for the 《Geng Xin》album, which will be held in major music stores that includes: CD-Rama, Speedy Video, Rock Corner, Victoria Music, Artist Gallery (Penang) and Classic Animation World. “Geng Fans” who makes the purchases early will receive a limited-edition imported poster that comes with the album.

Source: sinchew-i.com
Thanks to ♥ horsiewon ♥ @ sj-world.net for the heads up!
Translated by eternalsnow @ sj-world.net

Please take out with full and proper credits.

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