100725 Kangta mocking his own age, reforming H.O.T. with SJ

Kangta mocking his own age, reforming H.O.T. with SJ

Korean singer Kangta held his concert on 24 Jumly in Beijing. The one who mocks himself as ‘over the thirties, not able to dance well to songs anymore’ shows us his amazing singing during the concert, as well as performing songs in Chinese, English and Korean, covering two hot Chinese songs Season of Loneliness and Lies. During the encore part, he appeared on stage, together with 4 members from Super Junior, all wearing the clothes worn by H.O.T. in the one of their classic We Are The Future, he even preformed a ‘strip show’ for the audience.

Dancing with Super Junior to H.O.T.’s classic song; donating 1 million for the children in China

The climax of the performance would surely be the encore, when fans kept yelling ‘H.O.T.!’ while waiting for Kangta, the large screen behind flashed with shots of a few dancers in red, and this is exactly the style and steps of H.O.T.’s classic, We Are The Future. Followed by that, Kangta appeared in the center stage with his red outfit, and danced to this song together with Super Junior members Leeteuk, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Sungmin, like reforming the group once again, making the audience drowning in happiness.

    • muzyc3737
    • July 30th, 2010

    wow… that was amazing cool…. donate 1million dollar n dancing till the fans feel like drowning in de happiness… hahahah XD we love you, kangta, lee teuk, EunHae n Sungmin… ;]]

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