100701 Staff We Are Super Juni~or!!

Hello~ I am JJ.

Super Junior’s The 4th Album [Miinah]’s promotional activities have been going on for two months now.
From this week onwards, a new stage will be meeting everyone through “Neo Gateun Saram Ddo Eobseo (No Other)”.

I’m really looking forward to see that the “Neo Gateun Saram Ddo Eobseo” stage this time will be like that of “Miinah”, where the whole broadcasting room will be covered in pearl sapphire blue and filled with everyone’s supportive cheers, (so I’m) anticipating everyone’s active participation, and let the stage be filled with harmonious enthusiasm.
In the future, I also hope that Super Junior and the children of the sapphire blue family are able to have a fun time together. ^^

Always consistently using Super Junior’s iconic slogan “We are Super Juni~or!!” to greet everyone.

If you are a part of the sapphire blue family, you’d be very familiar with the slogan by now.
(So) How would it look like if our Super Junior becomes models for the slogan?

Each of them will show it according to their own personalities~

Does everyone want to see it?
Today we’ll introduce the ones who are more model-like than models, those who were born in the years 87, 88 from the maknae-line~

And the one person that cannot be left out today~

The special angel that you can only meet in Super Junior~
The strong pillar of support that works hard to keep everyone together, our leader~

On behalf of everyone in the sapphire blue family, I wish that you’ll always be happy, and be more, more, more, more~ joyful just like today~
The maknae line and leader Leeteuk’s bonus photos are here. Hohot~ ^-^

All the sapphire blue elves to~gether with Super Junior
Are you prepared to run along for “Neo Gateun Saram Ddo Eobseo” this time?
Come~~ It’s starting again now.. Everyone make an all-out effort~ Fighting~~~ ↖^ㅇ^↗

The photo which proves that the children in the sapphire blue family are brighter and more beautiful than the rest~
Because there’s you, Super Junior’s stage can be the most brilliant one.. Everyone knows that right?
Thank you. ^^

Original Source: Super Junior’s Official Website
Thanks to ☆★pinkninja and Rai @ sj-world.net for the heads up!
Korean to Chinese translation by 丁香 @ www.sjblue.cn
Chinese to English translation by eternalsnow @ sj-world.net

May take out with full and proper credits; do not modify credits.
Please do not hotlink photos.

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