100628-100706 Zhou Mi’s Weibo

28th June, 2010

韩国印象收视飘红,26号那期排名第二哦。谢谢所有粉丝的支持。 7月3日,周觅和晨澜会带大家体验一把韩式降暑法。
Korean Impression is really gaining propularity, and the episode that was aired on the 26th was in second place. Thank you fans for all your support. On the 3rd of July, Zhou Mi and Chen Lan will show everyone a method of cooling one self, the Korean way.

30th June, 2010

炎炎夏天来了,韩国的气温也是相当高,主持人体验了韩国人夏天最喜欢做的事情,比如去人工的冰雕世界里和冰块亲密接触。主持人还亲手尝试了一 把制作冰雕的过程,周觅同学,动手能力十分非凡,他竟然可以“化冰块为神奇”,最后以绝对优势获得了冠军。 鲜花,皇冠,连周同学也自嘲像得了选美冠军,哈哈
The hot summer is here again, and the temperature in Korea is rather high. The hosts have experienced what Koreans like to do during the summer, such as going to the man-made World of Ice Sculptures, and get close to the blocks of ice. The hosts also had a first-hand experience in creating an ice sculpture. Zhou Mi, whose abilities are really extraordinary, had the power to “turn ice blocks into miracles”*. In the end, he won the game, the flowers and trophy looked as though Zhou Mi has won a beauty contest. Haha

* Meaning that Zhou Mi can create beautiful artworks/sculptures out of ice blocks.

The previous picture gave a cute vibe. Now for the charismatic pose.

他俩在吃什么?韩国三大美食之一哦。 7月3日艺术人文频道《韩国印象》,答案揭晓
What are the both of them eating? It is one of the top 3 delicacies in Korea. The answer will be revealed on 3rd of July’s Korea Impression.

4. (1st July, 2010)
韩国人民特别喜欢在夏天吃滋补的食物养生。素有韩国第一名汤的参鸡汤,就是他们最爱的夏日美食之一了。对于女孩子来说也是不错的选择,因为参鸡汤只滋补不增肥,还可以养颜。 周觅要发挥宅男一面,亲手制作参鸡汤了。看这一招一式真像大厨阿,不知道味道如何呢?
The Koreans especially love to eat tonics so as to keep themselves healthy. Named as Korea’s number 1 soup, the Ginseng Chicken Soup, is one of the food Koreans love to have during the summer. For a girl, this soup is a good choice, since it can is healthy and doesn’t make you gain weight, and also make girls look prettier. ZhouMi, who wants to show his manly side, has personally made Ginseng Chicken Soup. Looking at his every movement makes him look like a professional cook, how would the taste be like?

2nd July, 2010

ZhouMi has finally finished the Ginseng Chicken soup. What does everyone think about it? Korea’s number 1 soup, everyone can try to cook it for their family to eat.

6th July, 2010

10th July’s “Korean Impression” will be embarking on a romantic journey of Korea. The aesthetic scenes and dialogues in Korean dramas, makes people feel even more romantic. Zhou Mi and Chen Lan will experience a Korean-style romantic love, and will go to the popular meeting spots that Korean youngsters love to go.

韩国恋人约会节目单:一起吃石锅拌饭,坐帆船赏首尔风光,《巴黎恋人》外景地——南山寻找爱情锁,一起体验情侣SPA 。以上这些周觅和晨澜将会一一体验哦。
Korean lovers’ dating programme: having bibimbap together, go on a boat ride to admire Seoul’s scenery, the outdoor filming location of “Lovers in Paris” — looking for love’s lock in Namsan, and experience a couple’s spa together. Each of these events stated above will be experienced personally by Zhou Mi and Chen Lan.

Source: 韩国印象@weibo
Thanks to chunny @ sj-world.net for the heads up!
Translated by mholic ★ @ sj-world.net |
eternalsnow @ sj-world.net

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