100726 Leeteuk Cyworld 1 Diary Entry

2010.07.25 Sun(day)(2010.07.26 02:32)
The 4th album activities have ended..

It seems that those regretful and unwillingness that Siwon said seems correct..

Thank you..the reason I could persevere and continue on is because of all of you..

(I) have to become stronger (I) have to become stronger, although it looks like I’ve become stronger..

but sometimes, I still look very weak

Can I do well in the future?..Can I still do well inspite of all the fear?…

Credits: 박정수 미니홈피
From Korean to Chinese: JSHOLIC.COM
From Chinese to English: ★//囧酥餅 @ SJ-WORLD.NET.
Thanks to Excentrique for the heads-up

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