100723 Leeteuk’s cyworld 1 Diary Entry

2010.07.23 Fri 04:39

..Myself shown on tv* is not entirely it*..

..Sometimes I may feel upset and frustrated..This is the road I’ve chosen..

..That nobody has challenged at those places (,) I wanted to take the challenge*..

..Even though sometimes I find myself hateful..

..Sometimes I become disgusted at myself..

..That image may by crazy (, but because) it’s my image..

..5 years passed now when I see myself firmly standing..

..Know without knowing* I think I’ve become more stronger..

..(I) will show (you)..

..In the future once in awhile when they look at me (,) to those people who misunderstand..

..Today my heart is just empty..
*How Leetuek wrote it in his entry
*His image shown on T.V. is not exactly the kind of person he may be
*Take on new challenges
*When you know something but you forget about it after awhile

Credits: Leeteuk’s Cyworld
Translated by julzzzz@sj-world.net
Do not take out without FULL credits.

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