100714 SW & DH Thailand 12+ CF Press Conference [Fanaccount]

At the press conference, they showed the behind-the-scene video for the CF filming yesterday (130710) and today (140710). The theme of the commercial should be about Donghae and Siwon snatching for Pancake (the female artist they are working with). There is scenes showing Donghae and Siwon dancing for Pancake, Siwon giving roses to Pancake, Donghae driving in a car with many flowers in it.

Fan account at the Press Conference
1. Pancake, Siwon and Donghae came out using catwalking style, very handsome.
2. There is a part whereby Donghae and Siwon has to be nice to Pancake, letting Pancake choose one of them. Firstly, Siwon started his ‘show’, showing his love to Pancake, then Siwon and Pancake is about to stand up. At this point of time, Donghae pretended to be sleeping, and Siwon uses a pillow to whack Donghae. Siwon uses Thai to say “I will love you forever”, but after he said that he quickly added “The one I love isn’t only Pancake, but everyone”, after hearing this, Donghae laugh like mad, the classic Donghae-style of covering the mouth and LOL. Then it is Donghae turn to ‘show his love’. He danced to Bonamana, and is very good at creating the mood, asking the fans to dance together. When he danced alone, he was being shy while dancing, but Thai fans were showing their greatest support, singing along with him, giving him big support and cheers. In the end, Pancake chooses…. …. Never choose… The fans there were shouting Pancake’s boyfriend’s name.
3. MC told Siwon and Donghae to speak Thai. Donghae said the line from the CF “Smooth Beautiful Perfect”, but he said it very softly at the start, not very clearly, and therefore he turned shy, and hide behind Pancake. Siwon uses Thai to say “Really Miss You”
4. When the activity is about to end, Donghae let his interpreter to use his BB to help him take a photo of him and Siwon with the fans. When he is leaving, he used his BB to take photo of the fans again. Stopped twice, took the photo twice. The photos are all on Donghae’s twitter ^^

SOURCE: my breathe
Credit: 海世代
Chinese translation: 李飞飞
English translation: minoko2440 @ sapphirepearls.com
Take out with full credits and DO NOT ADD YOUR CREDITS

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