[VID CUT] 100721 Love Chaser – Leeteuk and Yesung (with Transcript)

credit: YesungCenter @ youtube

[Transcript] Leeteuk Yesung

You know I’m so good at giving an event.
Actually my real name is E-
(is) venteuk.
By holding an event, I stole many women’ hearts.
Since you were in an elementary school.
Right. I’m with about 12 previous convictions.
Haha! Ah.. Does the other just have to receive?
No. The other has to be a chaser and infers, chases a star who pointed her, and then guess who he is. If she guessed right in a given time,
Yes, if she’s right,
She would get a privilege.
What privilege?
The star must grant her wish.
Isn’t it a Leeteuk-kwon?
What? WTH.. What is Leeteuk-kwon..
Just meant it’s awesome.

* ASH: A privilege sounds like “Teuk-Kwon” in Korean. So Yesung made a joke about it from Leeteuk’s name – Leeteuk-Kwon. & Same as Eventeuk.

Translation: @ASHKooKoo
Please take this with credits.

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