100721 The reason why the arranged meeting with both parents is postponed? “Selling 200 pieces of chicken each”

With wedding (to be planned) ahead, Super Junior Shindong confessed that “because of the World Cup, our meeting with both parents was postponed.”

This past 20th(July 20) on SBS “Strong Heart”, Shindong who made an appearance had arranged to meet both parents but had no choice but to postpone it; he confessed the reason.

Shindong “My parents run a chicken house*. But the time it was broadcasted was around the World Cup* time so on that day* they sold 200 (chicken) for every (person). Since his parents were too busy, the meeting of both parents was postponed” is what he said.

Now “the significance of meeting her parents has really expanded. With a wedding (to be planned) ahead, sure enough, greeting with the other parents for the first time was meaningful” he explained.

Shindong said after the broadcast he’s been asked “Are you getting married tomorrow?” For the first time in awhile, Super Junior all gathered (together) and had an emergency meeting” which made the recording set into a laughing sea.

*A fast food place that sells mostly (fried) chicken
*Around the time the World Cup was going on
* The day of the match
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