100720 Super Junior Heechul is not blonde anymore?

Super Junior Heechul dyes his hair back to black again.

Before promoting ‘No Other’ Heechul dyed his hair blonde which
makes him more outstanding and more noticeable during their performances.

He’s been described as ‘Golden Haired’. But in YoungStreet broadcast,
Heechul appeared with his black hair again..

The reason is:

The reason of why Heechul dyed his hair black-> Whenever he goes out, he always don’t wear a cap, and one day, he went out with Suli to watch a Movie at 9PM. Once he went in to the theater, everyone start staring at him because of his bright colored hair. And even worse, someone screamed: Wah Kim Heechul! So heechul went to greet her and she felt quite embarrassed. Because Suli is underaged, the movies that they always watch is chosen by heechul. And because Suli is underaged no one will start rumors.

Said by Heechul in Young Street

from SGSJELFsdailykpopnews
shared by kinnyyLEE @ shiningbluey

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