100720 Cutie Sleepy Donghae!

The title of the video is

#토요일오후에뭐해? SJ 동해편. = #What’s on a Saturday afternoon? SJ Donghae Episode.

source: soy alice @ twitter
credit: dorkykiwi @ youtube

Conversation [Translated] :

A: Donghae…Donghae…Wake up…Wake up for a second.
D: Why?
A: Nuna has a serious question.
D: Yeah
A: What are you doing this Saturday afternoon?
D: Saturday?
A: Yeah
D: What do I have? Do I have something?
A: I don’t know. How am I supposed to know?
D: I’ll probably have practice or some scheduled thing.
A: Oh, I see. You probably have Music Core.
D: Yeah, I think so.
A: Oh
D: (mumbles something)
A: What? Radio? What?
D: Look over there. Over there.
A: What? Over there? WHAT IS THAT?

Then the message at the end, on a piece of paper, says, “Raspberry Field First Single Being Sold!!”

Alice is part of the indie band, Raspberry Field which has recently released their single album, Saturday Afternoon. So before your mind wander, Donghae is probably helping her to do some promotion.

The two first sparked interest when they were spotted at a library together since they attend the same university. Maybe, they are more than friends. Who knows? But someone please tell me what their relationship is.

after the video’s out, Donghae online and say to Soy unnie :


@soy_alice Although I can’t help alot but if this video is helpful Nuna(sister), I’m gonna be happy^^heh Everyone please keep listen to Soy Nuna song please give her a lot of love^^

source: Soy Alice + Donghae @ Twitter
Twitter translated by kinnyyLEE @ shiningbluey
Conversation of the video by HEARTFACEE @ allkpop

    • raina
    • July 20th, 2010


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