100719 SHINEee 2nd Album Thanks To.. (SJ part)

SHINEee 2nd Album Thanks To..

Onew :
KyuHyun hyung…Don’t get sick ㅜㅜ

Jonghyun :
Miinah Kyuhyun hyung,please hug me again!

Minho :
I grew up together with Super Junior hyungs!
Sincere leader in this century, my teacher! Teukie hyung~ hyung is the best!
Admitted me, HeeNim HeeChul hyung! hahaha
A hearted like Ferguson, YeSung hyung.
Animator to everyone ShinDong hyung~ Congratulations!
SJ’s almightiness SungMin hyung~ too thin RyeoWook hyung.
The best dance, crybaby HyoJjae EunHyuk hyung, Don’t tell me you forgot our talk.
Kyu line’s representative KyuHyun hyung, Do i really have to join Kyu line, Hyung? don’t be sick!
Guide my way well, my bro SiWon hyung! Hyung i will follow you soon~
Always good hyung good friend, wonderful and perfect my DongHae hyung! i’m happy and glad because I’m with Hyung!
And YoungWoon hyung~ come back carefully!

credits: twitter @The_Chess and @sinyi88

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