[FANACCOUNT] 100715 At Central Airport Plaza in Chiang Mai., With Siwon and Donghae.

I really wanted to scream out a lot when Donghae and Siwon were coming down from the ladder. At that time I couldn’t do anything since I had waited them since the noon and when it reached the time that everyone was waiting. When met those 2 brothers* (I) really wanted to scream out loud but I couldn’t even do it. Then I could only smile and throw an excitement.

When Siwon and Donghae stood close, Siwon looked a bit more taller than Donghae LOL The face of Dong and Won were really clear and Donghae’s leg was so tapering. (I) felt a little bit jealous.

I will skip some part. I saw someone threw down the white box from 3th floor or 4th floor. It fell on by the stage. Siwon looked it and he made a bit sullen emotion out.

This part was really so good. If someone looked when they were playing game. There’s some game that Dong’s team remained only one girl and asked and answered the question (I won’t describe about the game. It’s too long LMAO) Won asked the girl who was in Dong’s team that ‘Super Junior’ That girl answered him ‘Marry U’. And Won asked her about ‘Will you married me?’ I really want to be crazy** and then Dong came for dissuading. That girl was hug by Won and Dong too. So jealousssssssss!

ps.The good story for me
Today, Donghae smiled at me too. Well, that time I raised my hand lonely and Donghae smiled at me. I asked my elder sister like ‘Who does Donghae is smiling at?’ and that time my elder sister was also looking at him too. She said ‘He smiles at you.’ Donghae’s smile is so sweet. I’m melting!

*She mention to Donghae and Siwon.
** She means she was so exciting like she gonna be crazy, don’t mean she would like to be

Credit: Mont.Tae at siamzone.com
Source: www.siamzone.com
Translated by sonethloveshizz at sj-world.net

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