100718 When Heechul meets Orange Caramel

I think everyone knows that Super Junior’s Kim Heechul had made his radio show Young Street famous, Why? Because he uploads hilarious pictures with his guest, that never fail to make us laugh.

This time Orange Caramel met Kim Heechul in Young Street!

Orange Caramel were very entertaining with their amusing talks and their live performance on top of that. The viewers and listeners must have been overjoyed.

Just as the girls were putting on their live stage, Heechul joined in the singing and dancing like he always does. Good for the fans as this funny moment was captured on camera and uploaded onto the program’s bulletin board. One of this week’s picture shows how Heechul cutely performed Orange Caramel’s choreography,, which also made the girls to burst into laughter.

As always Heechul never fails to amaze us. Not only does he has good sense of humor he’s also an excellent DJ and MC.

Netizens have commented:

“He is ready to join a girl group”
“Cute Heechul is adorable as well”

Source: sbs radio
taken from Soo-jin@hellokpop
shared here by fanny@forsujuindo

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